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Thinker. Journalist. Copywriter. Technical author.

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German by birth and Norwegian by choice.
I love coming up with that perfect one-word headline, and I'm not afraid to dive head-first into the facts for a well-researched article.
In my 20+ years in the business I have written about everything from automobiles to Zorro.


Technical writing

Money is green after all...

Can workflows be both ecological and economical? When it comes to warehousing the answer is a resounding yes! Too many of today's warehouses are too wasteful with the existing resources. Yes, storing goods in a large depot can be easy enough, but it is by no means the most economical way of storage.

Send in the drones

The idea is not new: twenty years ago, before the dotcom bubble spectacularly burst, a handful of internet companies tried to stand out by promising to deliver goods the same day. Back then, the plan failed. Speedy delivery was too expensive and start-ups lacked the infrastructure to stay true to their promises.

Made for e-commerce

E-commerce has come of age. Long gone are the days when online-shops offered niche products to a handful of early adopters. Today, depending on the industry, up to 75% of all sales are made online. With two-digit growth rates, no business, from book shops to fashion boutiques, food stores to electronics, can afford to leave the online playing field to the competition.

User Manual - Carousel Port

AutoStore is a fully automated warehouse system that uses robots to pick up the goods. This is the user manual for the goods-in module.

Viz Anchor - A new star in the studio

Viz Anchor fits perfectly into a sports broadcast where, for example, the presenter wants to bring up relevant data during a half time analysis. It adds excitement to any electoral coverage, or adds a bit of thunder to your daily weather forecast.

Behind the scenes at ZDF; Europe's biggest virtual studio

Thomas Lauterbach has a university degree in media technology and is currently working as a system engineer at ZDF. He has been involved in the development of the new ZDF studio as a system architect, working with the template-based virtual-set control logic.


Nano Medizin

An article about the latest developments in nano medicine. [German]

Lucius, der Gladiator

A cover story for PM-History about the life and death of Roman gladiators. [German]

Piraten der Karibik

A cover story for PM-History about life as a pirate during the "golden age" of piracy. [German]

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