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I have a B.A. in global health and a minor in political science from the University of California, San Diego.

My goal in writing is to bridge gaps between people, closing the distance between professionals and the general public. I believe that knowledge is power, and that more effective communication can lead to more personalized, intimate human connections.

Contact: [email protected]


Published Work

Under the Scope
HIV and Breastfeeding

An article written with two other undergraduates for a UCSD biological research journal, Under the Scope, about how breastfeeding may prevent HIV transmission from mother to child.

Online Articles

SQ Online
Activating and Inactivating Memories

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2014-15) For many people, forgetting memories is a natural part of growing older. However, there are people with memory loss that goes beyond just forgetting a name or two; sometimes these people forget how to do menial tasks or forget relationships they have all together.

SQ Online
The Contamination of Memories

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2014-15) As sentient beings, we rely on our memories to explore ourselves and our surroundings, but what happens when our memories are not as reliable as we believe? The notion of our memories being untrustworthy actually occurs in real life, according to psychological scientist Elizabeth Loftus.

SQ Online
Do Spicy Peppers Have Significant Health Benefits?

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2014-15) Almost everyone has had spicy food in their lives, especially college students; just think of all of those bottles of sriracha you've used or bags of hot cheetos you've eaten.

SQ Online
Mosquito-borne "Chikungunya Virus" Spreads in the United States

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2014-15) During the summer time, with more people traveling, there are unfortunately many opportunities for illnesses to be brought into the United States from other countries. The introduction of mosquito-borne diseases into the U.S.

SQ Online
What Does a Biology Major Mean?

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2013-14) When you ask a UC San Diego undergraduate what their major is, their answer is likely to be one of the biology categories-which is not too surprising when you consider the fact that 21% of UCSD undergraduates are biology majors.

SQ Online
Robots in Disguise: Nanoparticles as Red Blood Cells

By Briana Kusuma | UTS Staff Writer | SQ Online (2013-14) This idea is not the next Transformers, but it might as well be. For years, scientists have toyed with the concept of using nanotechnology for drug delivery.


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