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Britt Brewer

Writer & Marketer

Location icon United States of America

Writer & marketer based in sunny California
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Fresh Independence
David Ramirez- On Tour Now | Fresh Independence

Photo Credit: Ruben Marin Written and additional Photography by: Britt Nicole David Ramirez is a man in love. In love with music, the world and the very art of both: their intimate power to change people and affect change, in a multitude of ways.

Content Strategy + Writing

Where to Look for Marketing Inspiration

Maybe your agency has asked you what you like/don't like/hope to see/want more of? Sometimes it helps to look outside of your brand, campaign--even industry altogether. So where do you look to reinvigorate your ideas and shake up your senses? There are a ton of things to keep in mind, as marketing is not a hard and fast science.

10 Things to Ask Yourself When Starting Your Own Business

So, you want to own your own business or become a solo-preneur? You know that paving your own path, breaking through the standard, or just doing something different that makes your heart skip a beat is your path in life?

5 Marketing Things It's Okay to Try On-The-Fly

Here's the thing. As business people and marketers, we LIVE for grand plans. We love plans. We like knowing what's happening, when, for how much, why and how we're going to use/measure/analyze it. Crazy! But sometimes, we have to remember the art behind marketing, branding, communicating. It's a game of trial-and-error, test and default.

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