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FEM - UCLA's Feminist Magazine

FEM - Norway's KOSO is a Badass Girl's Club

Image: KOSO (in picture- Sara Angelica, Ida Frømyr Borgen, Marit Soldal, Kristine Helliesen, Kine Sandbæk Jensen, Anniken Jess Iversen, Amalie Kasin Lerstang, Kristine Meling Enoksen) by Jorun Eikill Veflen / Courtesy of KOSO It's pronounced "ko-so." I would know; I was corrected several times.

FEM - More Films Should Have Real Sex: A Look at Gaspar Noé's Love

Image: Illustration by Greta Langenberg Amidst quick glimpses of the Love Hotel Stark, unabashed sex projected on the big screen is a revolutionary concept with massive potential. Repeated in mainstream cinema, this can normalize sex through a bolder, more honest representation of the modern relationship archetype.

FEM - Kick-Ass Web Developer Potsie Rivera Shares Her Experiences in the Tech World

Image: Potsie Rivera, courtesy of Brittany Hewitt In a world where the tech sector is exploding, and "internet" is almost synonymous with "new jobs," why are women still left out of the convo? Earlier this fall, I attended the kickoff panel for an all-female at USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, called Hack the Gender Gap .

FEM - The Ultimate Dinner Party for Feminists

A dinner table, with a placemat for every feminist I wish I could invite to my parties, lies in an angelic onyx triangle. This is exactly what Judy Chicago was thinking when she created the feminist installation The Dinner Party . This quintessential feminist installation consists of a triangular table with 48-foot sides.

FEM - A Conversation with Neo-Punk Soul Duo OSHUN

Last week, while catching up with friends from home, I discovered my new favorite angel-punk band: OSHUN . OSHUN is a Brooklyn-based Neo-Punk/Hip-hop band, coming together and making music for the purpose of spreading female empowerment and spiritual light. I sat down with frontwomen Niambi Sala and Thandiwe to converse about spirituality, music and feminism.

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