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Class of 2018
Global Studies - Film, Television and Digital Media



FEM - UCLA's Feminist Magazine

FEM - Norway's KOSO is a Badass Girl's Club

Image: KOSO (in picture- Sara Angelica, Ida Frømyr Borgen, Marit Soldal, Kristine Helliesen, Kine Sandbæk Jensen, Anniken Jess Iversen, Amalie Kasin Lerstang, Kristine Meling Enoksen) by Jorun Eikill Veflen / Courtesy of KOSO It's pronounced "ko-so." I would know; I was corrected several times.

FEM - More Films Should Have Real Sex: A Look at Gaspar Noé's Love

Image: Illustration by Greta Langenberg Amidst quick glimpses of the Love Hotel Stark, unabashed sex projected on the big screen is a revolutionary concept with massive potential. Repeated in mainstream cinema, this can normalize sex through a bolder, more honest representation of the modern relationship archetype.

FEM - Kick-Ass Web Developer Potsie Rivera Shares Her Experiences in the Tech World

Image: Potsie Rivera, courtesy of Brittany Hewitt In a world where the tech sector is exploding, and "internet" is almost synonymous with "new jobs," why are women still left out of the convo? Earlier this fall, I attended the kickoff panel for an all-female at USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, called Hack the Gender Gap .

FEM - The Ultimate Dinner Party for Feminists

A dinner table, with a placemat for every feminist I wish I could invite to my parties, lies in an angelic onyx triangle. This is exactly what Judy Chicago was thinking when she created the feminist installation The Dinner Party . This quintessential feminist installation consists of a triangular table with 48-foot sides.

FEM - A Conversation with Neo-Punk Soul Duo OSHUN

Last week, while catching up with friends from home, I discovered my new favorite angel-punk band: OSHUN . OSHUN is a Brooklyn-based Neo-Punk/Hip-hop band, coming together and making music for the purpose of spreading female empowerment and spiritual light. I sat down with frontwomen Niambi Sala and Thandiwe to converse about spirituality, music and feminism.

Satyr - UCLA's Comedy Magazine

Satyr Magazine
Barbie is Teaching My Daughter It's OK To Be Fat

Toy review from pregnant mother, Elizabeth Kate. Toy maker extraordinaire MATTEL is shocking even the most this year: they've released 3 alternative sizes for the world's best selling doll, Barbie. It's 2016 - this means words such as and are not scary terms anymore; in fact, they are pretty much trendy, at least among doughy internet users.

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Show Review // Red Bull's 30 Days in LA Presents: Joey Bada$$ @ the Belasco Theatre (11/04/15)

"They say money is the root of all evil, I see money as the route of all people..." Joey began, as he crusaded across the Belasco stage to its center point, where six stark, white lights illuminated his glistening skin.November is an exciting month for those of us addicted to pressing play, as Red Bull puts together a concert list of all your bucket-list performers.

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