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Brittany Dickey


Location icon United States

Brittany Dickey is a Communications Specialist. She has provided innovating blogging and copywriting services for YourCause LLC and has also completed freelance work for the marketing company, Frozen Fire. Brittany's background in Communications Studies during her tenure at Southern Methodist University has definitely provided a strong foundation for her writing career. Brittany is interested in Freelance work. However, she is best suited for writing compelling pieces within a Communications Department of a company filled with people who value integrity, hard work, and mutual respect.


Training Curriculum

'Private Client'
Training Excerpt

I build innovative training modules that have decreased my clients' error rates tremendously.


Freelance Work

Corporate Social Responsibility Blog Series

NPO Spotlight Series

I had the honor of writing articles that highlighted charities that are impacting change nationally and worldwide.I complied this series during my tenure at YourCause.

Published Research

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