Brittany Barker

Copywriter | Freelance Journalist | Social Media Guru

Location icon United States

My greatest passions in life have always been writing, storytelling and helping others communicate. Whether I am helping a handbag company describe their latest designs, or sharing the tale of a humble inventor who defined the standards for all modern microphones, I am dedicated to writing factual pieces with lyrical flair.

I am a copywriter for F+W's Consumer Events Department and I am constantly creating copy that is enticing and factual with an infusion of fervor. I thrive on concocting innovative ways to share cutting-edge informative and content with our passionate consumers.

As the part-time personal assistant for handbag designer, Kathryn Allen, I have discovered my adoration for event planning and project managing. I enjoy being an organized team leader who serves as a source of encouragement for all involved with KAC’s events.

I am accustomed to producing work on a tight deadline as a result of my current position and my internship with UC Magazine. As the publication’s editorial intern, my weekly tasks included conducting interviews, researching famous and notable alumni, creating content pages for UC Magazine’s website using Adobe CQ5, writing and editing web-only content and assisting with editing print publications.

University of Cincinnati
Creative craniums

The ancient dire wolf once roamed the plains of North and South America, feasting on giant ground sloths, mastodons and bison. The dire wolf was thought to be sturdy, fast and a larger version of today's wolves.

University of Cincinnati
Making Puppets Relevant

In an era where children persistently reach for PlayStation controllers and iPads, Zachary Opaskar has found a way to make paper hand puppets relevant.

University of Cincinnati Magazine
Echoes of a Legend

Echoes of a legend By Brittany Barker Benjamin Bauer left his fingerprints on some of the most powerful and fascinating moments in modern world history. In fact, his invention - the Shure Unidyne microphone in 1939 - had a front row seat at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

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