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Britni Synclair Birt

Writer & Marketer

Oh, Hey There!

So glad you could make it. I know this whole meeting-for-the-first-time thing can be awkward, but don't worry I'll do all the talking.

I'm Brit. Storyteller first. Person second. Important things to know about me that I might throw out if this was an actual speed-dating scenario:

1. I'm a writer & marketer mash-up always creating new and innovative content across platforms.

2. I'm an experienced writer across both editorial and marketing copy platforms including digital, video, social, print, packaging, and interactive copy, as well as long form and short form editorial content.

3. I've helped a tech company make coding cool, created a brand voice with attitude for a juice startup, helped girls own their pretty with copy for one of the top makeup companies in the world, and have been published by Refinery29, Entrepreneur, Pop Sugar, Birchbox Magazine, and Here You Are Magazine.

I hope I'm not being too forward but I feel like we're vibing. Let's create something!

xx Brit



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