Bri Morgaine

Copywriter and Content Marketing Specialist

Location icon United States of America

Creative, organized, and detail-oriented copywriter and content marketing specialist, well-versed in the digital marketing landscape, who excels at creating strategic, inspired copy.

Accustomed to executing varied writing assignments, leveraging SEO and analytic data, and collaborating as part of a larger marketing team.

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How One Popcorn Purveyor Found Sweet Success - Bplans Blog

Sometimes, the path to small business success is surprisingly sweet. At least, it was for John Seeley, founder of Mill Street Treats. A family-owned and operated shop on historic Route 6 in Troy, Pennsylvania, Mill Street Treats sells a variety of flavored popcorns, roasted peanuts, ice cream, and more.

Bplans Blog
Becoming Your Own Boss: A Bplans Guide - Bplans Blog

You've spent years working, day after day, at jobs that left you feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, and tired. You're ready for a change. You want to be in charge of your own future. You want to have control over your days, and work on something you are passionate about and truly enjoy.

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How Do Successful Entrepreneurs Start the Workday? | LivePlan Blog

This past fall, I discovered that I love walks. Like, really love them. I consider walking a hobby of mine now-a fact that I realize makes me sound like the most boring person in the world. (I do listen to podcasts while I walk, if that helps.)

Bplans Blog
Cats With Your Coffee? What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Purringtons Cat Cafe

Over a year ago, I first heard the rumor that a cat cafe had opened in London. To me, it seemed a whimsical, storybook sort of place, where one could get a cup of tea and pet a cat at the same time. Charming, I thought, but a bit unbelievable—did such an establishment really exist?

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