Brigitta Fenton

HR Shared Services

Process map that provided overview for my HR Shared Services Initiative.

Safe and Sound - Letter to Families

Took concept of Safety program to life. Originated name 'Safe & Sound," created logo and internal/external documents to communicate theme, purpose and strategy.

Women's Leadership Initiative

Along with CEO, devised idea of Women's Leadership Initiative to increase number (currently 3%) of women at company. Successful launch and program continues to attract and retain high caliber female employees.

One Sterling Video

Originated idea of internal/external video to boost Sterling's image after negative financial results. Wrote script and lead from idea to delivery.

Letter from CEO

Regularly created all original internal and external content for CEO.

IT Interview - Intranet

After establishing Intranet, created 'interest interviews,' designed and wrote weekly until hired Communications team.

Code of Conduct Video

Created content for Code of Conduct with HR and Legal collaboration. Wrote script for and handled start to finish production of video for internal use.

Market Study

Wrote quarterly market research document for Board on areas of current footprint as well as new opportunities to pursue.