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Briana Pryor

Senior at Ball State University

Location icon United States

Hey, I'm Briana! I'm a senior at Ball State University and currently majoring in Family and Child with a concentration in Child Life. I enjoy reading and writing, and finding new ways to be creative. Welcome to my writing page.


Grant Proposals

In Class Writings

Broken Dreams...and a Finger

(Memoir): I decided to submit the memoir because it was the very first writing we did in class, the base of where it all began. I want the audience to see the growth in my other pieces by letting them view this one. Also this piece was a personal story, so I thought it would be good to incorporate it into the portfolio.

Extending Quiet

(Article Extending a Topic): Although this is not my favorite writing piece, nor did I enjoy the novel by Susan Cain, I decided to add this piece of writing because it shows some type of movement and diversity in my writing. This piece was kind of like book work, where we read Quiet and had to extend or critique the a topic out of the book. This assignment required me to do research before writing about it.

Letter to Board of Finance

(Composition of Three Genres): This writing assignment was one of our most recent ones. I am incorporating this one because the format is different than any of the other writing assignments we did in class since it is a letter. This writing style is more formal than the other writings because my audience was a high level audience such as people in business or professors.

Discussion Topic Response

(Your Stake in the Topic): This discussion topic is being included into the portfolio because this is the most informal writing, other than free writing, that I have done in class this semester. This writing was just an in-depth response to the question that was proposed to us on Canvas. Anyone could comment or read the post which made the dynamic and audience setting different from the other writings.

Out of Class Writings

Sleep Deprivation can lead to Depression

(Psychology Research Paper): I happened to choose this out-of-class writing due to the fact that I wrote this piece this semester in my Psychology class. It was one of my favorite pieces I have submitted because it is written like a scholarly article. This piece required me to have five cited sources, as well as empirical evidence for each of my findings. This piece also was the most time consuming.

Stress can Lead to Bipolar Disorder

(Psychology Research Paper): I decided to add this one to the online portfolio because I got a better score on this writing than I did the last one. I had major improvements and learned a lot about this mental disorder and how stress affects it.

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