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Usually this is where I'd say I'm a recent college graduate but I don't think I can get away with that anymore. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2015 with a dual degree in business marketing and communication, along with a certificate in public relations. I then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I worked for marketing company for one year. I hated it.

Thinking about the last time I'd been genuinely happy left me wiping the dust off of my 2014 memories, when I was in France studying abroad. So I moved back to Europe, this time to Spain, in September 2016. In October I launched my personal blog and decided that writing is my calling. So, here I am.

I am seeking a sex and dating writing job with an editorial magazine, free lance or full time. I am willing to relocate for a full time position, and more writing samples (not found on my website) can be produced upon request.


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love her or leave her wild

i don't have a therapist; i have my best friend chey, and my love life has always been her special project. if you knew her you'd be wondering how one crazy woman can offer assistance to another, but she understands me like no one else and she's good for me, i swear.

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the agony and the ex-tacy

i was supposed to publish this post on my birthday, the first of february, but instead i spent the entire day drinking wine, shots of thunder bitch whisky (thanks guillermo), margaritas, more wine and enjoying madrid. i don't regret it; however it did kinda mess up my writing flow.

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running with scissors

the worst part of a break-up is the aftermath. there are a number of uncomfortable things that transpire, some of which are actually funny in hindsight but deathly embarrassing in the moment, others that'll never be funny but were necessary to go through.

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this ain't no intro it's the entree

i'd like to preface this, my first post, by saying thank you. i had to get that out of the way because who knows, you may stop reading any minute now. i've wrestled with starting a blog for a while...

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twenty sixteen and its woes are so last year...

i remember my phone buzzing like crazy at seven in the morning on new years day... apparently i'd phoned my situation at the time while on my way home from that night's nye shenanigans, told him to come to my place but passed out as soon as i made it home.

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the day that some of america's 45th president (not my president) was sworn into office turned out to be a historic day after all, but for a contrary reason. since the 90's, donald trump has used his platform to spew out the most obscure sexist remarks about women and his presidential campaign was no different.


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we're not in kansas anymore

if that title went over your head you're probably too young to follow my blog because you can't relate, but i'll let it slide. go watch the wiz(ard of oz). after toying with the idea for months before i finally came to my senses, two weeks ago i moved to madrid, spain to teach english for a year.

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one for sorrow; two for joy

i've been in spain for almost five months now. between finding my place in this new environment and getting adjusted to my new "career" the first few months flew by. as the holidays approached everything around me slowed down just enough for me to grow homesick.

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you only get one body in this lifetime and while cosmetic procedures that can reverse the damage caused by negligence do exist, odds are you can't afford them. you can, however, be proactive about preserving your beauty for a lesser price with products that you're sure to love.

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