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Brianne Akey


Location icon United States

Hi there! I'm Bri, a recent graduate of University of Southern Indiana. I majored in English Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I realized that writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life when I was typing a paper in the library and something just clicked.

Digitial Design

User Testing Report
Testing Report for USI library

For this collaborative project, my classmates and I were able to work together to analyze the Usi faculty portion of the library website. We established what needed to be changed or improved and put together this user testing document. This project shows the ability to research and analyze information and how to work as a team effectively.

Website Updates

This research analysis PowerPoint is composed of suggestions and ideas for PeaceZone's website for their rebranding . Looking at the website, I was able to carefully inspect different links and tabs to evaluate what needed to be changed so it was easier to navigate for the user.

Churches Embracing Offenders
Grant Proposal for CEO

This is a mock grant proposal since I was not given a report of what CEO needs the grant funding for. This document shows my ability to research and compose a grant proposal in an organized and effective manner.

PeaceZone 5k brochure

This collaborative project demonstrates my design skills and ability to compose a short document with only the necessary information.

Women's Peer Recovery Group Flyer

This postcard shows that I am able to design and organize in an effective way to an audience that may need a place like the Women's Peer Recovery Group. The necessary information is clear in stating who is it for and what is it, the place, and information on how to contact the organization.