Brenda Umana


With a Master of Public Health, I create accurate and trusted health & wellness content. I can think analytically and strategically while still executing creatively, passionately, and as a storyteller.

5 years of combined experience in health, wellness and marketing including teaching yoga and meditation. Expertise in multiple marketing disciplines, including content, social and email marketing. Proven success in driving increased website traffic with audience engaging content.

What I love to do: Content Strategy, Copywriting, Blog Writing, Scientific Based Research and Writing, Branding, Email & Social Media Marketing



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How To Meditate: The Beginner's Guide To Meditation | Free Learning Guides

The Best Way To Learn Meditation For Most People After spending hours analyzing the latest research regarding the science of meditation, Brenda Umana, (who holds a Masters of...

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Mindfulness: 4 Parts Of The Mind You *Need* To Know About

Have you ever experienced stress or experience multiple emotions and thoughts at once? Understanding the nature of the mind can help with easing any worries we may have when our...

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Why Wellness in the Workplace?

Curious about corporate wellness? Wellness in the workplace has often been looked at as a 'nice to have.' Perhaps a cool perk in the company culture. More and more companies are...

Sivana East

5 Must-Read Books For More Self-Awareness

"Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to...

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Influential Women in Commercial & Residential Real Estate

hOM ( collaborates with some of the best humans in the industry. So of course we wanted to take the time to feature a few of them while gaining their insight on...

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Cities of the Future

Ryan Freed, Co-founder and CRO of hOM, was recently on the RICS PropTech Panel in Toronto. Much of the panel was discussing trends in PropTech and how solutions will change the...

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What Does a Smart Building Actually Look Like?

We hear the phrase 'smart buildings' everywhere these days. Especially if you're working in real estate or PropTech or even a tenant looking for your next location to live or...

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What is Telepsychiatry?

Technology is changing the way patients receive specialized psychiatric care and how facilities like hospitals and clinics are operating. Telepsychiatry is a model of care...