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Combining my passions for sports journalism, broadcast & social media one day at a time. I write a weekly column called "Second Take" for the Buffalo sports blog "Buffalo Wins". I'm best described as a social media savvy sports enthusiast.



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Twitter riffs on Tebow-Manning

Summary of various tweets poking fun at Tim Tebow following the acquisition of Peyton Manning by the Denver Brocos

Buffalo Wins

Buffalo Wins
The NFL Needs to Change, Fast

I wrote about the Bills and a very serious matter in the NFL, regarding the current policy behind suspensions for marijuana vs. domestic abuse.

Buffalo Wins
My Issue With the Bills New Media Policy

I took some time to write for Buffalo Wins about how some fans' reaction towards the media regarding the Bills new policy was unwarranted & off-base.

Buffalo Wins
Is It October Yet?

I took some time to write about the Sabres & why I'm already looking forward to next season...

Buffalo Wins
The Bills Super Bowl

I wrote about why it's pathetic that some are referring to this week as the Bills "Super Bowl"...

Buffalo Wins
Rex's Honeymoon Is Over

I wrote about how Rex's honeymoon in Buffalo has come to an end...

Buffalo Wins
These Bills Feel Different

I wrote about how these Buffalo Bills feel different. For the first time in my life, I'm actually confident.

Buffalo Wins
Jacked Up

I looked at Twitter's reaction to Jack Eichel's weekend in Buffalo...

Buffalo Wins
Thank You Fred

I wrote a piece thanking Fred for everything.

Buffalo Wins
EJ's Situation Isn't Unfair

I wrote about how despite what some folks claim, EJ's situation isn't unfair at all...

Buffalo Wins
Would You Take One And Done?

I discuss if you'd take a Bills' SB win, but then the team relocates, over an uncertain future.

Buffalo Wins
Family First

In this week's Buffalo Wins "Second Take" I discussed how family can seriously screw with your sports loyalties.

Buffalo Wins
In Marrone We Trust

In this week's "Second Take" I wrote about Bills fans unwavering support for Doug Marrone.

Buffalo Wins
Why EJ?? WHY?!?

I talk about why EJ is letting me down & it hurts real bad...

Buffalo Wins
When Fans Go Too Far

In light of the Marcus Smart incident I discussed when fans go too far. (Also have some throwback Sabres moments in there.)

Buffalo Wins
International BuffaLOVE

I discuss how some International "BuffaLOVE" resulted from from this year's Olympics.

Buffalo Wins
An Average EJ Won't Cut It

I discuss why despite Whaley's comments, EJ DOES need to take a big step forward

Buffalo Wins
Bye Bye Byrdie

In this week's Buffalo Wins "Second Take" I wrote about saying goodbye to Jairus Byrd.

Buffalo Wins

I wrote about the "Konopkapocalypse" that hit the Sabres this week.

Buffalo Wins

I discussed the potential for a Pegula Monopoly in Buffalo.

Buffalo Wins
Hey Jerry Jones... STFU

I discuss why when it comes to the Buffalo ‪Bills‬, Jerry Jones need to STFU.

Buffalo Wins
The Week From Hell

I discussed the Bills tumultuous week from hell.

Buffalo Wins

I wrote about how silly Mock Drafts are.

Buffalo Wins
Go Ahead and Trade CJ

I discussed why trading CJ Spiller wouldn't be the end of the world

Buffalo Wins
Marrone Mayhem

I discuss the controversy surrounding Marrone's comments re winning.

Buffalo Wins
Fans (Over)Reaction

I discuss how fans OVERREACT when it comes to a player switching teams

Buffalo Wins
Bills Love Abroad

In this week's "Second Take" I discussed how the Buffalo Bills were heavily involved in my recent trip to Mexico...

Buffalo Wins
Our Playoffs

I discussed how yesterday's game vs. the GB Packers was the Buffalo ‪Bills‬ playoffs

Buffalo Wins
A Buffalo Deflategate

I discuss how I think ‪#‎Bills‬ fans would handle their own ‪Deflategate...

Buffalo Wins
No Lebron in Buffalo?

I took a look at how folks reacted to Rex's Lebron quote.

Buffalo Wins
All I Want For Christmas Is A QB

In this week's Buffalo Wins "Second Take" I wrote about my Christmas wish for the Buffalo Bills... a franchise QB

Buffalo Wins
Incognito's Return

I discussed Incognito's return & what that says about Rex & the ‪Bills...

Buffalo Wins
Tank City

I discussed ‪#Sabres‬ fans actually being accepting when it comes to losing...

Buffalo Wins
Going To School With Gronk

I discuss growing up with Rob Gronkowski & his hometown connection to Bills fans.

Buffalo Wins
Year Number 15

I discussed the Bills have made me want to just be miserable in peace

Buffalo Wins
NHL Trade Deadline Day

I discussed how the current state of the Sabres has ruined NHL Trade Deadline Day

Buffalo Wins
Let Tyrod Do Tyrod

I wrote about why the Bills shouldn't be trying to change who Tyrod Taylor is...

Buffalo Wins
Experts Slam Bills Draft

I took a look at what experts are saying about this year's Bills Draft...

Buffalo Wins

I discussed Twitter going absolutely wild with excitement over Babcock meeting with the Sabres.

Buffalo Wins
A New Buffalo

I wrote about Jack Eichel & how both the Sabres & the city of Buffalo are enjoying a resurgence.

Buffalo Wins
It's Boobie D

I discussed Boobie Dixon's interesting week on Twitter...

Buffalo Wins
Tuel Time

I discussed Bills Twitter's reaction to releasing Jeff Tuel

Buffalo Wins
The Celebrity That is Rex Ryan

This week I wrote for Buffalo Wins about how big of a celebrity Rex Ryan has become in Buffalo...

Buffalo Wins
The Bills Journey Begins

Are you a Bills fan excited for the season? You're not alone... My piece on the beginning of Buffalo's new journey.

Buffalo Wins
Playing With A Heavy Heart

In this week's "Second Take" I wrote about Stevie choosing to go out and battle with a heavy heart.

Buffalo Wins
Peter Principle

I looked at Donnie Henderson getting passed over for the Bills DC gig due to something called the "Peter Principle."

Buffalo Wins
The 12th Man

In this week's "Second Take" I discussed if Bills fans at the Ralph could rival Seattle's 12th man.

Buffalo Wins
O Captain! My Captain!

I discuss why Sabres fans should probably take it a little easier on Steve Ott...

Buffalo Wins
The Season I Gave Up

I apologized for being a terrible Sabres fan this season.

Buffalo Wins
Is Optimism Gone At One Bills Drive?

In this week's Buffalo Wins "Second Take" I explore if the Steelers destroyed all of the optimism at One Bills Drive.

Buffalo Wins
Bills Conspiracy Theorists: Please Shut Up

In this week's Buffalo Wins "Second Take" I discuss #Bills fans & conspiracy theories. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster & Area 51 all get shout-outs.

Buffalo Wins
The B-Lo Bullies

I talked about how the Sabres' new bully perception has left me extremely disappointed.

Buffalo Wins
Times Have Changed

The Bills/Dolphins are no longer a rivalry... Just another game.

Buffalo Wins
Vanek Panic

I took a look at the recent overwhelming "Vanek Panic" amongst Sabres fans

Buffalo Wins
Troll Hunting In Sabreland

I took a look at recent events surrounding the Buffalo Sabres Facebook page & Drew Stafford out trolling trolls

Buffalo Wins
Feeling the Lovie in Buffalo

A look at why I think Lovie Smith is the best candidate to take over as the Buffalo Bills Head Coach

Queen City Sports

Queen City Sports
It’s the Big D for Lindy

In this week's Queen City Sports Buzz column I talk about heart break, relationships AND Lindy Ruff crossing over to the "dark side"

Queen City Sports
What's In A Name?

In this week's Buzz column I take a look at the racism issue surrounding the Washington Redskins' name.

Queen City Sports
The Diamond Dilemma

I took an investigative look at the Mario Williams engagement ring fiasco

Queen City Sports
Cause To Pause?

This week's Queen City Sports column discusses whether a player's character or talent is more important in today's NFL

Queen City Sports
The "Black Tax"

I discuss the "Black Tax" in today's NFL.

Queen City Sports
Sports After Tragedy

I took a look at sports after tragedy & cheering for a city vs. cheering for their team

Queen City Sports
The "R" Word

The Sabres face the dreaded "R" word, Stevie Johnson tweets about N. Korea & Brittney Griner talks NBA

Queen City Sports
The Kevin Ware Dilemma

I discuss re-airing Kevin Ware's injury & Ron "Torterella" Rolston giving up on the Sabres

Queen City Sports
The Grigorenko Experiment

A look at why the Buffalo Sabres experiment was only a failure in certain ways

Queen City Sports
Your NFL Offseason PSA

Remembering not to believe everything you hear during the NFL Offseason

Queen City Sports
Careful What You Wish For

Why Sabres fans should be at bit more careful with what they wish for...

Queen City Sports
There was a before Lindy Ruff…?

A random assortment of useless knowledge about the day Lindy Ruff was hired to coach the Buffalo Sabres

Queen City Sports
Sorry I'm Not Sorry

My take on why no hockey fan should apologize for being excited about the return of the NHL

Queen City Sports
The NHL is back… But are you?

A look at whether or not fans will return to watching hockey just because they've finally kissed & made up

All Sports WNY

All Sports WNY

A look at the Bills "easy" November schedule


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