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How an old drug is coaxing new life into damaged brains

Thanks to a chance discovery, an Ontario Institute of Regenerative Medicine (OIRM) research team is hot on the heels of a potential treatment for repairing damage to white matter in the brain - using a medication that is anything but new.

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The value proposition for stem cell therapies - The Expression

The promise of regenerative medicine - new treatments and cures for many devastating and costly diseases - will soon be within our grasp. Globally, there are now more than 700 open clinical trials listing stem cells (from sources other than blood) as the primary therapeutic. Most represent a new form of therapy for a range of disease targets.
Report Card on Access to Obesity Treatments for Adults in Canada

An update to the inaugural 2017 report, which was based on an idea I had to create the first evidence-based assessment of access to publicly provided healthcare for people living with obesity. Made real through the work of a large team of researchers, funders, writers, designers and more.

Obesity Canada Website
Obesity Canada Website

Logic, UX, style and content for major WordPress website, working with web programmer, designers, translators and multiple stakeholders.

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Beyond one-ply: Understanding the layers of consent and risk in clinical trials

Traversing the so-called Valley of Death in stem cell research - where potential therapies die before they can be translated into clinical practice - is often considered a financial proposition. But look more closely at what lurks in that valley and you will find other significant barriers for researchers to overcome, chief among them the need for effective communication between and among clinicians, regulators, payers, patients and the public.
Best Weight

As editor: Canada's first how-to guide for health professionals treating obesity.
CONDUIT Magazine

As editor: Planning and executing content, images and design for niche/custom magazines.

Hamilton Family Health Team
HFHT 2017 Annual Report

Writing, editing and project managing an elegant alternative to printed annual reports I developed with British Columbia-based Datascapes Web Design.