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Bonnie Gore

Freelance Copywriting

Location icon United States

I am a motivational media reporter who has a knack for copywriting. I love telling stories through blog posts, published articles, news reports and live interviews. Over the past 8 years I Have worked with Ad Agencies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Corporations providing my expertise on Public Relations and Copywriting. I was the co-founder of a lifestyle blog and magazine called, "My Vagabond Soul" and find my most exciting tasks in hosting live and recorded interviews with professional athletes, celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs.

Top Places To Catch Fireflies In New Mexico

Whether you call them fireflies or lightning bugs, you don't have to go East of the Mississippi to enjoy one of Summer's most nostalgic qualities. Ask any native New Mexican and they will tell you it's not a myth, fireflies light up the Southwest skies too.


Sitting down and talking with Jeff Axelrod is like taking an imaginable time machine backstage to the biggest and best 70's concerts and shows of all time. Jeff along with his business partner Barry were THE pioneers of screen-printing.

Have Economics Divorced From Morality?

Have Economics Divorced From Morality? I ran across the above Ayn Rand quote and it got me thinking; have economics divorced morality? As a fairly new entrepreneur, I always try to keep my morals at the forefront of all of the business and economic decisions I make.

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Community Post: Brunchin' With Bon (Park On Fremont)

Downtown Las Vegas was once known for its glitz and glamour and is just as well known for its fall from grace. Luckily, with the help of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, the Downtown Project and an ever-growing population of Hipsters, DTLV is rising from the ashes and is spreading its wings in the most desirable form: BRUNCH!

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Community Post: Everything's Better In NOLA. Especially Brunch.

We finally decide to order "real food". We round out, oh I don't know, bottle number 3ish? We decide we should wander back out onto the French Quarter to find a balcony to enjoy. As I try to scoot out of my seat, I have trouble maneuvering my way out from between the table and the wall.

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Community Post: Brunchin' With Bon (Panchos Las Vegas)

Cinco de Mayo is upon us, and luckily for you, I stumbled upon the most wonderful Mexican brunch this side of the Rio Grande... I think. West Las Vegas has birthed 'Downtown Summerlin' and with it many new stores and restaurants. Just off of Sahara and the 215, sits a new bustling mecca for Summerlinos errr Summerlinnians?

Licensing Expo 2015

Last week we had the privilege of attending the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, and just as the picture above suggests, licensing covers everything from food to fashion and everything in between. Licensing is a great way for growing and established brands alike to cross promote, protect, expand and collaborate.

Clarke Collective design brings the nost...

Clarke Collective design brings the nostalgia of camping and the beauty of the outdoors into the homeSouthern California based couple Tracy and Bucky Clarke have joined forces to bring their love of adventure and the great outdoors into the home through geometric design reminiscent of mountain ranges, colors inspired by sunsets and products like journals to inspire you to explore.