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I moved to Nashville in 2009 to start college and get into the music business. For years, I'd secretly thought that I could be a songwriter....but alas, I found myself shuffling through part time jobs, constantly writing through my anxieties as I attempted to belong in the city I'd always thought would be home.

But then, as in all great Hallmark movies, I met a boy from the country and moved out to a "middle of nowhere" horse farm. And that's when life really started getting interesting. That's when I realized I had something to contribute to the world, still, as a writer. So whether I'm lamenting about my own trials and tribulations, sharing what I've learned about the joys of thoroughbred breeding or commenting on the status of the latest Taylor Swift single....I know now that writing has always been my home. I can only hope other people see it that way too.

a necessary REbrand
for the sake of a sunrise.

It's 2:05 AM and we are slowly pulling off the gravel driveway, mare in tow, about 4 hours away from our destination in Lexington, KY. It's early Sunday morning and Webb & I are running on less than 2 hours of sleep, as we'd been up the night before helping to check on a potentially...

Seale Keyworks
Summer Lovin'....Ways to a Happy + Healthy Piano

Summer: a time of relaxation, good food, bikini bodies and hot temperatures. We all have a strong sense of keeping ourselves healthy during these few months of the year, but what about other things? Like say, our pianos? Yes, you heard it right - there's a special set of rules that come into play when it comes to keeping YOUR piano healthy.

a necessary REbrand
thoughts on the day after an election

It's not about not winning. And it's not about not getting my way. The feelings of uneasiness I'm experiencing today are rooted in fear. Logically, I know that one man cannot run our entire country into the ground. But the millions who voted for him have a megaphone to voice their negative opinions to the world now, and that worries me.

a necessary REbrand
know your brand & love. it.

It should come as no surprise that a blog entitled "a necessary reBrand" is going to have to talk a little bit about branding. So, here's the first dose - a thoughtful rant, if you will. I've been a fan of country music for about 12 years now (gawsh I feel so old).

Belmont Literary Journal 2013
Summer's Chandelier - A Short Story

A creative work of fiction that draws on the strange mystery of Carole Lombard and the big city dreams of a small-town girl who gets to know the woman behind the screen.

a necessary REbrand
an unpopular opinion?

I'd like to talk a little bit about Ed Sheeran. Or more so, I'd like to talk about his latest hit single. Ed is one of those guys I have genuinely enjoyed since he arrived on the scene. His songs a...

a necessary REbrand
these feet.

For whatever reason, as soon as I went to title this post, my mind got stuck on Eric Church's song "These Boots" - hence, "these feet". The song is about how one pair of shoes have lived an entire life of their own - they stand for the experiences the narrator has had and represent...

Seale Keyworks
Back-to-School Shopping: What to Look For in Your Child's First Piano

"What do I buy?" "Do I need to get something really big or can we just get a keyboard?" "Is it really worth the investment?" "What's the difference between teaching them on a digital piano versus an acoustic one?" Ultimately, the decision is going to be up to you.

a necessary REbrand
copycat conundrum.

Several years ago I was a fresh college graduate with a degree in the cool kids' Entertainment Industry Studies program. My education was fun and provided me plenty of opportunities to intern and volunteer in the Nashville music industry arena. But upon graduating, I realized that most jobs I qualified for were either set aside for...

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