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Brooke LaMantia

Location icon United States

Brooke is a current student at New York University studying Journalism and English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing.

She has reported on the arts, education, politics, women’s rights, and public privacy, as well as writing about pop culture. Brooke has experience with investigative reporting, research, and podcasts.

Dreams of space travel take flight at Girl Scout camp

Retired astronaut Eileen Collins set down a chair on the floor and turned it on its back before she carefully sat down on it, her feet in the air. Collins, the first female to pilot the space shuttle and the first female commander of a space shuttle mission, was demonstrating to a group of about 130 Girls Scouts what taking off in a rocket looks like.

Washington Square News
Fusion Film Festival Highlights Women

In 2018, it has become more common to celebrate women in film. However, Fusion Film Festival -- an annual festival run by Tisch students and faculty that promotes women in the film industry -- has been doing that for 15 years.

Houston Chronicle
Under new law, Texas public schools to make Holocaust a teaching tool

A new state law instructs public school districts and charter networks to teach about tolerance, genocide and the Holocaust at every grade level starting this year, through participation in an annual "Holocaust Remembrance Week." Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1828 on Tuesday, mandating "that schools shall include age appropriate instruction determined by the districts" for grades K-12.

UTSA summer camp immerses middle school girls in computer coding

Arianna Gonzalez and Ariana Oranday are no strangers to computer coding, but they were still happily surprised at how the video game they had designed turned out. It's one where the player has to dodge falling eyeglasses and try to catch falling bananas.

San Antonio professor wins grant to widen his science-based sex education channel on YouTube

A psychology professor at Northwest Vista College has received a national grant to promote the YouTube channel he created to openly and objectively discuss the often controversial subject of human sexuality. Donald R. Lucas, who has been teaching human sexuality for more than 20 years, started his 5MIweekly channel in September 2017 as a resource for students taking his college course.

The Junction
Murray-Darling Residents Advocate for Government Change

Angry Murray-Darling Basin residents plan to overthrow both the incumbent New South Wales and Federal governments within the next three months, over their inaction on recent mass fish deaths. In early January, an estimated one million fish died in this region's rivers as drought-reduced river flows were exacerbated by water taken by upstream irrigators, political...

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