DJ味王 Wèi Wáng


English/Chinese writer/DJ/noise artist based in Taipei, Taiwan.

New Bloom Magazine
Putting Theory Into Practice On The Dance Floor: An Interview with Horizon99 | New Bloom Magazine

語言:hoto Credit: Horizon99/Instagram English /// 中文 P Horizon99 is a Singaporean collective founded by Chantal Tan (A(;D) and Sant RJwatana (Rot Front). Though they've only been around for about two years, their DIY raves that puts techno-socialist theory into practice have already created waves in the country dominated by neoliberalism, and have been featured on Noisey .

New Bloom Magazine
Taike Raves In The New Millennium | New Bloom Magazine

語言:hoto Credit: 硬派銳舞/YouTube English P IN TAIWAN, electronic music is inextricably bound up with Taike ( 台客 ) culture. Though the term "Taike" (pronounced Táikè) literally means "Taiwan guest," insofar as the character 客 means guest, it seems that one does not have to be from out of town to be called a guest, since people in Taiwan call other people in Taiwan "Taike" all the time.

Entering Tone
Entering Tone 入聲

Writing: "Off the Radar in Yonghe," "Strange Vibrations - A Detour in Mexico," Translate: "Distributing Agency"

I Had a Dream Last NIght Issue One
I Had a Dream Last NIght 我昨晚做了一個夢

A party literature zine that I edited and translated (translated text follows original text) 我個人主編與翻譯的派對文學誌(原文在前,譯文在後)

Music Journalism / Art exhibit Review

"Generation Z: ReNoise" and a Little Bit More

The CTM festival, a.k.a the Festival for Adventurous Music & Art in Berlin earlier this year placed a lot of emphasis on early electronic music from Eastern Europe, especially music from the USSR. One of the main attractions of CTM festival was "Generation Z: Renoise", an exhibition on "Russian Pioneers of Sound Art and Musical Technology in the Early 20th Century".

Visceral sound: An Adventure into the Heart of Taipei's Noise Scene

Dino had already finished when I arrived at The Wall, I scrambled for my camera as Betty Apple ascended the stage looking like a doll walking straight out of a Japanese manga: geisha eyeliner and short, geometrically cut hair screaming hot pink blue yellow. I was stopped by a staff because photo-shooting was not allowed.

Revising Reality Through Sound

TheCube Project Space is in the Gongguan area of Taipei, near the Cineplaza theatre, hidden on the second floor of an obscure apartment building. Although National Taiwan University lies just across the street, the atmosphere nearby bears no trace of scholarly temperament.


The News Lens International Edition
Tales of Taiwan's Comic Artists: Persecution, Isolation and Endless Talent - The News Lens...

"Did you read manhua when you were a kid?" My dad shovels freshly-steamed rice into a bowl. This was an awkward family conversation - manhua (漫畫), the Mandarin term for comics, is an age-old battleground between parent and child, the black-and-white sheets of paneled ink being a devil that tempted us away from schoolwork.

In Search of Lost Faith

Few would deny that the modern world is facing a spiritual crisis today. This observation was met with consensus in the beginning of the 20th century and continues on today. As late as the Renaissance, Western civilization was dominated by Christianity.

History of the Taiwanese Anti-nuclear Movement

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 11th, 2011 in Japan, the anti-nuclear protests in Taiwan have been more numerous than ever. The most recent street demonstration against the building of the 4th nuclear power plant in Taiwan has attracted 200,000 citizens to walk the streets (that's 4 times larger than the first anti-nuclear procession right after Fukushima and ten times larger than the first major anti-nuclear procession 2 decades ago).

Interviews / Video work

Pharmaceutical Highs and Lows in the Eyes of the Law

Julia: Hello, can you give us a brief description of your background? Dr. Guo: I'm a resident doctor in the (confidential) hospital. I'm in the third year of my training. My specialty is psychiatry. Julia: Today we're going to talk about the illegal drug MDMA from a psychiatric point of view.

Subtitle work

Robert Hood Interview (with Chinese subtitles)

法國次文化雜誌Jeykll & Hyde訪問Minimal Techno極簡科技舞曲教父-羅伯特.胡德(Robert Hood) 字幕翻譯與製作:Blackbells & BB Earworm presents... Robert Hood @ the Wall!!! Date: 2010/8/27 Time: 1200-0500 DJ Line up: JJ、Blackbells、DataBass、Robert Hood 1000nt at Door 早鳥票特價75折:750nt (即日起至7/24 ) 預售票特價85折:850nt (只要加入Indievox會員 全省IBON也可輕鬆購票) 請盡速洽各大預售票端點: Species Records 有種唱片、4AM、Mo'Relax 多鬆、NEU、CLASSIC、DEEPLAY