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Skilled reviewer and feature writer with experience in appealing to a wide range of readers, from consumer to enterprise. Expert editor who can take highly technical and/or awkwardly written content and translate it into readable, interesting copy.

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First look: The new LG G6 brings with it a new aspect (ratio)

As the owner, for over a year, of a Nexus 6P, I have to say that while I enjoy having a nice big screen, it does present a problem when I'm trying to shove the smartphone in a...


Review: Samsung Chromebook Pro brings touch computing up a notch

For the most part, Chromebooks -- laptops that use Google's Chrome OS -- have been marketed as either lightweight and inexpensive student systems or low-end secondary machines...


Review: The Logitech Spotlight -- a new kind of presentation remote

First, let me admit that I don't have a lot of experience with presentation pointers. The few presentations that I've done over the course of my career did not involve...

Opinion & Analysis


Apple's Old-Fashioned Approach to Do-It-Yourself - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

My first computer was a Compaq Portable, popularly known as the Compaq Luggable - for good reasons. It weighed about 28 pounds, had a 9-inch green screen display, and was...


Watching Evernote - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog for Computerworld titled A Posterous user wonders: Time to move? A platform that I had been using for several years for my blog had just been bought...


Laptop cameras: Problematic video tools - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

You might think that video conferencing would be an increasingly popular form of contact for companies - after all, it's a lot more informative to see the person(s) that you're...


When companies stare at the stars, they can lose their way

Yesterday, I wrote a blog talking about how companies can sometimes get in the way of their own success - for example, Patreon's decision to change to its funding plan, a...


Stepping Back From Bad Decisions - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

I wonder if it's the holiday season that makes companies a little crazy about this time of year. Or perhaps they think that announcing unpopular decisions might go unnoticed in...


Just a Little Tin Box: Readings "Bribes for Blogs" - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

An article under discussion by a good number of my colleagues appeared in TheOutline recently. Titled "Bribes for Blogs: How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way Into Forbes, Fast...


Adventures in Job Hunting: Keeping track - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

While I'm actively working as a freelance tech writer, I have to admit that, given the chance, I'd pick up a full-time, salaried,...


You think you own your hardware? Think again. - Barbara Krasnoff - Medium

It isn't unusual for software and cloud applications to be sunsetted - much to the dismay of their fans and users. Years ago, I used a database/note-taking software package...


Is enterprise tech now driving consumer products?

For years now, there has been a popular storyline whose main thread was that consumer technology is invading the corporate office.


Rcon 26 Women of Technology Friday 3pm

Readercon 26 July 9-12, 2015 Burlington Marriott, Burlington, Massachusetts. 51. 3:00 PM G Women of Technology. Karen Burnham, Barbara Krasnoff (leader),...