Binoy Nazareth

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Binoy Nazareth is a senior-level technologist with over 20 years of progressive experience in databases, traditional end-to-end RDBMS ecosystems and systems.

Goan Goat Curry by Binoy Nazareth

Binoy Nazareth shares his recipe for his favourite dish, the goan mutton curry. This recipe has been a big hit with Binoy's family and friends.

Binoy Nazareth A Tryst with Nature at Outer Banks, North Carolina

The delightful pleasures derived from short getaways and escapades to new places is priceless. To those who are passionate about travel, every trip provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with new people & culture; and soak in the experience of something that they never experienced before.

Journey with Binoy Nazareth for Mutton Curry & Adventurous Places

When it comes to favorite cuisine and celestial tours to diversity how can you expect Binoy Nazareth to sit tight? As for this time, he takes us to explore some of his most favorite dishes of Mexico and India in 2016. During his endless journey, Binoy tried to cover some of the most thrilling places of both the countries.

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Binoy Nazareth Chicken Makhani Recipe | All Perfect Stories

Chicken Makhani, Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani as it is sometimes referred to, is a South Asian (Indo-Pak origin) delicacy of bone-in chicken in a mild spicy and creamy curry sauce. Enjoyed widely around the world, this entrée has its roots in Punjabi cuisine and is believed to have been made popular by the Moti Mahal restaurant in Daryaganj, Delhi, India.

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