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Bettina Rochelle Smith

Freelance Medical Writer

Location icon United States

I am a Los Angeles-based Freelance Medical Writer that focuses on health content writing for hospitals and health systems.

The 9 Dangerous Medication Combinations

For many of us, medication is a big factor in our lives in terms of treatments of many diseases and conditions that millions of people would otherwise succumb. However, sometimes we may tend to combine these medications--without having any knowledge about the interactions of these drugs and without consulting a physician.

10 Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in the United States

Guess what? Did you know that the American people are prescribed more drugs more than ever before? Yes, it is true! Prescription pain medicines may be dominating our headlines, whether on television or on social media, but what are exactly the ten most prescribed drugs in the United States?

Which is More Suitable for Pain--Ice or Heat?

We all have those moments that we are experiencing excruciating pain with certain parts of our bodies and we are looking for a quick fix--sometimes to no avail, as in getting some pain medication. If we cannot get any medications for our pain, then what are we suppose to do to alleviate it?

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