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Beth Seidl

Copywriter. Storyteller. Lover of Words.

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Midwest Girl. Avid Explorer. Military Wife. Lover of Good Conversation. Extra Hot Coffee Sipper. Mom of 3 Boys. Copywriter Who Pursues the Heart.

Don't "LIKE" Me.

The authenticity of real life became a facade the moment Facebook, Instagram and the myriad of other social media outlets came to life. A black curtain closed over every inch of the "stage" and we are left assuming--too much.

Basic Mom Code??

Let me begin by first saying that you may not particularly enjoy or agree with what I am about to say. However, I have felt that the very topic may be a newfound due diligence as a mom.

Kaine Law, LLC
Qui Tam - Whistleblower Claims

In laymen's terms Qui Tam means whistleblower, and is often viewed as David versus Goliath. The term refers to an individual who brings forth an action against a company or individual who has defrauded the government. This claim is allowed by the state and federal False Claims Act placing the power...

PCS Season: Round 2

It's that time of year again when you are saying more 'goodbyes' than you'd ever like to utter and the days/months ahead will be much more quiet. The sight of moving trucks become the norm in your neighborhood and the generous offerings of food, laundry service and kid-watching are in full-effect.

Kaine Law, LLC
Deadly Days of Summer: Drunk Driving Car Accidents

With summer in full swing and millions of families preparing for summer vacations, summertime sees an increase in the number of drivers and passengers on U.S. roadways. Many safety experts consider the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day to be the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer. This time period...

Kaine Law, LLC
Georgia's Texting and Driving Law: The Hands Free Georgia Act

On July 1, 2018, the Georgia hands-free law will take effect for all drivers. The new law, the Hands Free Georgia Act, amends Georgia's 2010 anti-texting law and includes new more restrictive laws for drivers using their cell phones. Why did Georgia's texting and driving law change? The new Georgia texting and...


How many times have you placed your own personal fears, reservations or disapproval of something onto your children? Does it happen every day? Weekly? Have those feelings then manifested in your child's own personal feelings and life as a result of you consciously or unconsciously doing so?

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