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Beth Leslie is an award-winning professional writer and blog editor. She has penned hundreds of articles for a medley of publishers, including The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and Time Out London.

Beth specializes in career advice, politics and business, and travel and lifestyle.

Can discrimination ever be positive?

We hear statistics like these so often that they've lost their ability to shock. Most of us recognise that sexism exists in the workplace. Most of us wish it didn't. But despite the great progress the feminist movement has made, ingrained misogyny is so endemic in the world of work that the odds of seeing true gender equality anytime soon seems highly unlikely.

HuffPost UK
I'm Calling For A Liberal Revolution

Uplifting words, undoubtedly, but uncomfortably jarring when you know they were written by Anne Frank, a fifteen-year-old child who less than a month later was dragged from her hiding place, deported to a concentration camp, and murdered, along with most of her family and six million other Jews.

Time Out London
Five quirky cocktail glasses in London you'll want your next drink served in

In a city as cool as London, serving drinks in ordinary cocktail glasses is so passé. After a thorough (and slightly tipsy) sleuthing mission, we've found five weird, crazy and quirky drink containers in town. If you want to be seen in the coolest bar in London, head down to the -5c Icebar.

He said, she said: the misogyny of the casual pronoun

This is a guest post by Beth Leslie. A full-time writer and adoptee Londoner, Beth can usually be found debating politics in quirky bars designed to look like laundromats. You can follow her on Twitter @bethanygrace92 A CEO and a secretary walk into an office. She picks up a file, and he takes a seat.
The cost of workplace sexism

Only the ignorant would argue against the existence of workplace sexism. Women are paid less than men for the same work. More than half of female employees have experienced sexual harassment at work. More FTSE 100 CEOs are called John (or David, or Sir) than are women.

4 Career Failings You Should Forgive Yourself For

"To err is human; to forgive, divine." Alexander Pope's famous quote touches upon an unfortunate quirk of human nature. We all make mistakes, but we also all struggle to forgive them. Moreover, our harshest condemnation is often reserved for the person most needful of our forgiveness: ourselves. Time for a rethink.

City Blog
Rage Against the Machines: Will AI Destroy Financial Jobs?

Artificial intelligence, a field once infamous for sky-high predictions and underwhelming results, is now developing with a rapidity that has taken almost everyone by surprise. As the abilities of this technology become clearer, AI is being deployed in thousands of businesses and industries. The financial sector, in particular, has shown enthusiasm about AI's potential.

Time Out London
Five ways to cheer up this winter (without breaking the bank)

After all the glitz and glam of Christmas and New Year's Eve, the first month of the year usually finds us fat, hungover, bummed and broke. But now that we're a few weeks in, it's time to pull on our boots and brave the winter chill.

The Huffington Post
Why It's Time To Forgive The Liberal Democrats

My political awakening, if it can indeed be called such, happened in 2010, at the time of the UK General Election. I'd just turned eighteen, my mum had enrolled me on the voting register, and my sixth-form was handing out brochures listing side-by-side policies of the main parties.

Social Talent
The Millennial Bug: How To Successfully Recruit The "Me, Me, Me" Generation

Recruiters have millennials on their minds. It's hardly surprising. Millennials (those born after 1980) are the most educated generation in history - almost half of UK millennials have at least one degree . They understand and welcome the technological innovations and globalisation reshaping the workplace.

Undercover Recruiter
Should You Be Hired By a Robot?

You're sitting in a plush reception waiting nervously for your job interview. Sophie, you are told, is now ready to see you. You walk into the meeting room and are greeted by a two-foot-tall robot. As she asks you her questions, she compares you against data from successful workers.

Out of Town Blog
The Adrenaline Junkie's Guide to New Zealand - Out of Town Blog

The Adrenaline Junkie's Guide to New Zealand Too many people hear "New Zealand" and think only of pretty hills, rugby, and sheep. In fact, New Zealand is an adrenaline junkie's paradise, where the locals spend their time dreaming up new and dangerous ways for the brave and the crazy to throw themselves up, down, and ...

Indie Travel Podcast
How-to guide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Indie Travel Podcast

It's the twelfth day of the Edinburgh Fringe, and I've just been mugged by a magic dragon. The dragon (who looks suspiciously like a bloke in a bad costume) takes the £20 note triumphantly, asks me to sign it, and promptly sets it on fire. It crisps away into nothing.

Classy Career Girl
Why Traveling Makes You More Hireable - Classy Career Girl

Like most women, I've often been told that I can't have it all. When I first announced my intention to go traveling, concerned friends and family lined up to tell me what a mistake I was making. How gaps in my CV would put employers off hiring me.

Figaro Digital
5 Reasons Personalised Marketing is Essential - Figaro Digital

Looking for a top marketing tip to boost product sales? Look no further: you should rename said product to anything that starts with a "J". Why? Because "J" is the most common first-name initial in the alphabet, and a psychological quirk called implicit egotism means that consumers prefer products (and professions, and living locations) which correspond with their own name.

Never Ever Wear Orange & Other Odd Interview Tips

You've memorised your CV, perfected your interview handshake and researched the company to within an inch of its life, but somehow you're still not getting your dream job. You could be being held back by something that you never even thought mattered.

Career Advice
5 Skills You Learn from Every University Degree | CV-Library

Final exam? Smashed. Graduation? Sorted. First-ever proper-grown-up job interview? Eek! When you're a career starter with no work experience under your belt bar five summers pulling pints, job applications requiring reams of skills and experience can be incredibly disheartening. But worry not.
The Psychology of Interview Success & How to Harness It -

LinkedIn 74 Facebook Twitter Google+ Two candidates walk into an interview. The first has several years' relevant experience and flawlessly flaunts his abilities in his answers. He plays up his skills, plays down his mistakes, and emphasis his past experience above everything else. The second candidate is neither as qualified or prepared.

Top Universities
13 One-Minute Tricks to Improve Your CV

Guest post: Beth Leslie If you've ever been looking for a job, you'll probably have heard the maxim "treat job hunting like a full-time job". This is good advice but pretty much impossible to follow, especially if you're also studying or working elsewhere.

Noomii Career Blog
4 Signs That It's Time for a Promotion - Noomii Career Blog

A fatter paycheque, a swankier office, an assistant to delegate all that boring paperwork to-it's no wonder that many of us would love to get a promotion. Unfortunately, our bosses often seem oblivious to our high-powered needs. The solution? Stop waiting for them to make the first move and ask them to promote you.

Ninja Outreach
3 Things Marketers Should Learn from Salespeople

Microsoft vs. Apple. Montagues vs. Capulets. Star Wars vs. Star Trek Of all the world's great rivalries, few can match the war that often unfurls between the sales and marketing departments. Yet although both teams fight over access to customers and credit for conversion rates, they essentially have the same aim: to grow the business ...

5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Unless you're a famous football player or a luxury hotel tester, you probably don't always love your job. Consequently, when the thought of moving on flits across your mind, you may wonder if it's genuinely a good idea or if you're simply falling into a grass-is-greener mentality.

9 Famous Book Quotes Which Give Surprisingly Good Career Advice

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.

6 Things You Should Know Before Renting a Student House

Ask any recent graduate about their experience renting student housing and you'll probably be told a horror story. Perhaps they had a landlord who made up damage so he could refuse to give their deposit back. Perhaps they found rats in the kitchen.

5 Awesome Careers Most Graduates Overlook

Dissertation? Submitted. Photogenic mortarboard toss? Nailed it. University may be done and dusted, but for many graduates the work is just beginning: time to go out into the world and grab that elusive graduate job.

Career Advice
5 Skills You Learn from Every University Degree | CV-Library

Final exam? Smashed. Graduation? Sorted. First-ever proper-grown-up job interview? Eek! When you're a career starter with no work experience under your belt bar five summers pulling pints, job applications requiring reams of skills and experience can be incredibly disheartening. But worry not.

Punched Clocks
9 Times It Pays to Break the Rules at Work - Punched Clocks

Wear a suit. Stay till 8pm. Suck up to your boss. Don't run in the halls. They may not be laminated and stuck to the classroom door, but the unspoken workplace rules can still feel compulsory to anyone who wishes to shimmy up the greasy pole.

JUST™ Creative
Being Messy - The Key To Creativity | JUST™ Creative

Good news for the slapdash and slipshod - your messiness might drive your mates barmy, but it's actually a sign of high intelligence. Studies in brain chaos (probably not the technical term) have shown that those with a disorganised mind score higher on IQ tests.

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog
How To Make Networking as Easy as ABC

This week, Beth from Inspiring Interns talks about a topic that has become increasingly important for job seekers today - networking. She gives lots of useful tips on how to make networking easier, and how to be more confident at networking events. A = Attendance The first thing you need to do to be a...

QMUL Jobs Blog
Study Yourself Employable: 4 Things Ambitious Students Should Be Doing Now

Smart students already know that success requires great grades (two-thirds of companies require at least a 2:1) and relevant work experience (half of hiring managers won't hire graduates without any). But these qualifications alone won't make you stand out from the crowd. The average number of candidates for each job is 39, and that figure rises...

Do I Really Need To Do An Internship? (The answer is yes!)

Every university student with an eye on their post-graduation employment has considered the internship question. To intern or not to intern? Bad press means many students associate internships with exploitation. Unfortunately, a competitive graduate job market means they're also increasing necessary: without an internship, only 11% of final year students secure a job offer before they graduate.

5 Things To Check Before You Accept An Internship

Participating in an internship before you graduate means you are three times as likely to go straight into a good job. Students planning ahead are probably already aware of the importance of internships for clinching a role in a competitive industry. But beware - not all internships were created equal.

StandOut CV | Professional CV Writing Service
Mission (Not) Impossible: How to Get That Graduate Job

Graduates; assemble! Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to stand out from your peers and bag that elusive graduate job. It will not be easy. Expect to compete against an average of thirty-eight other candidates per position, and to never even hear back for three out of every five applications you submit.

Careers Blog
How to Turn Your Student Experiences into a Killer CV - Careers blog

By Beth Leslie, content writer for Inspiring Interns; a recruitment agency matching graduates with internship opportunities After the blood, sweat and tears you've poured into your degree, hunting for your first graduate job should be exciting. However, if you're graduating this year, you might be thinking "I'm not sure it is."

Scared By Sales? Why You've Been Sold a Lemon

You've been trawling the graduate job boards and come across a position for a Sales Executive. You're keen to pick up a host of shiny new business skills and you've started eyeing that pile of student debt with alarm but you're more Germaine Greer than Gordon Gecko and Wolf of Wall Street left you scarred for life.

Most UK Graduates Go to London. Can That Change?

Anyone who has tried to travel on the Underground at rush hour will express no surprise at the finding that more and more people are moving to London. The city is swelling at twice the rate of the rest of the country, and part of the influx comes from new graduates: 1 in 5 take jobs in the city.

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