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Freelance journalist and MA student at City, University of London.

The National Student.
Interview: Rosie Day

"It’s been lovely to show up to work and have fun and do jokes, rather than have to be in an incredibly dark or emotional place. For me, it’s also about the people who are going to watch it; it’s going to make people happy rather than sad, which is really lovely for me."

The National Student
Why TV directors should be honoured at The Golden Globes

At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Guillermo Del Toro secured his first Golden Globe for Best Director, an accolade that few can deny he has earned. Yet at an event designed to honour both film and television, it seems unfair to only highlight the directors of the silver screen.

The National Student
In defence of performance poetry

If I had a pound for every think-piece I’ve read about how bad slam poetry is, I’d be more financially secure than your average performance poet.

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