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Stories to Grow By
Audun and the Bear ~ reader's theater

Scene 1 - Audun's farm in Iceland [ Stage Set: The play is set in Iceland about a thousand years ago. In a backdrop, the foreground should show a kind of farmhouse called a "longhouse" from old Nordic farms. The longhouse is as long as three or four homes.

Bag of Secrets at The Angel Microbrewery: A Prophecy Fulfilled

TRCH words: Ben Knight Together with Phrase Goblinz, local writer Benjamin Knight is set to whack on a cabaret show as part of Nottingham Comedy Festival. Here, he explains how the idea came about... It was sometime in 2016; I was spending a lot of time in the desert back then, combing the sands for traces of the big worms from "Dune".

The Far Pastures - a story blog
Short Fiction Story - "King of Pentacles"

As part of a series of short tales I was writing for my blog, I wrote "King of Pentacles" as a very short and self contained story set in a fantasy environment.

Pantheon Magazine
The Ground You Walk On| Benjamin David Knight

Dr. Abraham Umsuka's personal journal: 16/7 We arrived on the edge of the Kahllian Dome-Plains at about 5:30 this morning, as the hot Kahllis sun climbed over the broken pillars and broken upturned bowls on the horizon, casting jagged shadows over our approach. The locals of a nearby village refer to...


What is Cloud Computing?

As technology grows and develops, cloud computing has been spreading itself further and further across new platforms. The term "cloud" comes from a metaphor on the nature on this computing format in that actions undertaken using a remote series of servers to back up work, collate information and download important tools from anywhere - as if drawing vapour from clouds in the sky.

5 ways to secure your data post Facebook's major 'Breach of Trust'

Many have seen this coming for the longest time - we've all been warned about our data being mishandled, misused and siphoned as its being transferred. Some of us have even seen the effects of this first-hand, with identity theft becoming more and more commonplace in the growing technological climate.

Freelance job
Edited biography chapter

A chapter of a novel manuscript that I edited as a sample for a previous client. The first passage on page 2 is the original draft sent to me, and the second on page 10 is my subsequent edit.

Live Music Review: Cute Owl Festival at The Maze

Opera North words: Benjamin Knight photos: Benedict Culm A brand new intimate festival of live electronic music with a variety unusual musical instruments... Cute Owl is a nomadic bi-monthly gig organised by contributing band tAngerinecAt, showcasing experimental electronica from whatever corner they could find - and out of the acts I was presented with, I was super impressed.

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