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Benjamin Goggin is a journalist at Business Insider covering politics, tech, culture, and media.

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Amazon and Hulu's algorithms are recommending conspiracy theory films, and the consequences could...

Amazon and Hulu continue to host and algorithmically suggest conspiracy films. This comes as platforms like Roku and YouTube are removing conspiratorial accounts or preventing their search and recommendation algorithms from surfacing them. Experts warn that hosting this type of conspiratorial content could spread misinformation, and even encourage people to commit violence.

The 'Capital Gazette' Shooter Was an Online Troll - That Should Terrify Us

On Thursday, tragedy struck yet again in the form of a mass shooting, this time at the 'Capital Gazette' newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. The attack, which took five lives, was specifically targeted against Gazette journalists, for their journalism. While violence against journalists isn't new in America violent rh...

The Legal Weed Industry is Shutting Out People of Color

Amber Senter, a weed activist and founder of Supernova Women, is fighting to get more women of color into the legal marijuana industry in California. Photo courtesy of Amber Senter Amber Senter, cofounder of Supernova Women, an organization meant to empower women of color entering the marijuana industry, thought she had finally hit the marijuana jackpot-and she kind of had.

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There's a growing debate over who qualifies as a 'person of color' - who is and isn't included?

There's a growing debate online over who qualifies as a "person of color." Some are questioning whether Asians should be considered "people of color." The definition of "person of color" in the 21st century has been less about skin color and more about marking those that have been affected racism and white supremacy, but some argue that the effects of racism for Asian Americans have been less significant than for other populations.

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