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West Coast Best Coast: Los Angeles to San Francisco

Ah - California! The gorgeous, Golden State that contains two cities with completely different vibes and wonders to admire. On one end, we have the sunshine-y, surf-lover's city of So Cal - Los Angeles. On the other - San Francisco! The fast-paced, techie-filled land of North California.

Spring Break for the College Budget Traveler

It's the most wonderful time of the year in the U.S. - and definitely NOT referring to the ice age that we were over the very second we screamed out "ONE!" on New Years Eve. Rather, we are referring to the magical time of year when the Earth increases its tilt relative to the Sun.

Profile an Inspirational Company: Roadtrip Nation

Around this time last year, I was hopping on a plane and heading straight to So Cal to start an internship with a company that I had been stalking for about a year -Roadtrip Nation.

5 Ways to Give Back When You Are Low On Cash

Tis the season of giving! Only, all you have to give is the half-a-penny you have to your name (be it because you are a student or just don't have the funds this year). No worries! There are many other ways that you can give to the charity or nonprofit of your choosing besides emptying out your pockets.

5 Changes To Your Routine in November

Life can be hectic. To make it a little less chaotic, we naturally start to create and fall into a daily routine. At times, this can be a good thing, such as having a daily gym routine or weekly meeting with your team at work to stay productive.

The Kula Project
#KulaTurns3 - Birthday Festivities Recap!

Last week, we celebrated a day that rarely is seen for an NGO - it's 3rd birthday! Kula Project and many of our wonderful Atlanta friends shared an evening filled with laughter, joy...and just a few glasses of wine.

The Kula Project
Coffee Break: 5 Questions with Xavie from Drip

Photo by Bella Toscano We want to highlight the baristas around the country that help us get through our early mornings, long meetings, and reunions with long lost friends by preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Today, we interviewed Xavie from Drip in Atlanta, GA.

The Kula Project
Coffee Break: 5 Questions with Connor from Hendershot's Coffee

Photo by Bella Toscano Last month, we posted our very first "Coffee Break" interview to highlight some of our favorite local baristas! This month, we shine the spotlight on a super cool barista, Connor Shields, from Hendershot's Coffee located in Athens, GA. What is your favorite part about being a barista?

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