Beimeng Fu 傅蓓梦

Freelance text/video journalist.


Words, photos and videos on BuzzFeed News, ABC News, South China Morning Post, The California Sunday Magazine, Quartz, SixthTone, SupChina, among others.

Also: Visual Media educator at University of Bolton, Hangzhou. Curator of No Talking Head, a non-fiction short video newsletter.

Reach me at: [email protected]



How China’s swine fever epidemic turned into a global crisis

The ASF epidemic offers a rare window into understanding China’s fragmented, underdeveloped agriculture sector, and how it can have a major impact on the global trade system into which it’s now deeply integrated. For our latest episode of Because China, Quartz takes viewers inside one of the largest Chinese pig farms devastated by the deadly virus to explain how things went so badly wrong.

Closing The Gap - China Plus

This 5-part documentary tells the human stories behind the rapidly changing trade, commerce, and investment climate between China and Africa. Through the stories, you can see how the “Made in China” label has evolved as Chinese companies develop products designed for Africans and made in Africa.



Sixth Tone
Cult-Like Restaurant Exposes China's Appetite for Ponzi Schemes

BEIJING - Something strange happened at the end of Zhou Mingying's first day working as an in-house videographer at a high-end restaurant in Chongqing City, Southwest China. At 10 p.m., he was asked to join a group meeting to "share his opinions" about his new company.

The California Sunday Magazine
Escaping in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai

It's the telenovela a housecleaner watches during her long commute, an arcade where a teenage girl dances after school, an airport employee's standby flight to a country he's never seen. Residents of three of the most populous cities in the world - São Paulo, Shanghai, and Los Angeles - share where, and how, they get away.

BuzzFeed News
Meet North Korea's Number One Fan In The United States

(Photo by Jessica Chou) Ken Roh moved to the United States from South Korea 43 years ago. Now, he’s running a pro–North Korea website, the most visible of a small group of Pyongyang’s devotees in the U.S.