Becky Tanner-Rolf

Copywriter, Creative and Content Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm Becky, a freelance writer with experience in digital and social communications, copywriting, media relations and administration. I’m a fiery and driven person, with the passion and positive outlook fit to rival a toddler on Pro Plus.

Working with a range of clients, I have ghostwritten for global C-suite professionals across national and vertical media titles. I have experience writing newsletters, press releases and developing content calendars. I pride myself on being able to take jargon-heavy technical content and transform it into SEO optimised, engaging and most of all personable copy.

As well as corporate writing and editing, I also regularly contribute creative and editorial pieces to independent magazines and online platforms

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Advertising Week 360
London Loves Food

As part of Advertising Week Europe (AWE), I was commissioned to attend and write up two seminars per day for the global media platform. This was not only shared with a wide readership but AWE's global clients.

Curate Magazine - Issue 5: Process
Grief is Not a Process

Issue 5 of Curate Magazine looks at the interpretation of Process. For this edition I have contributed an article looking at the process of grief, or the lack thereof.

Remy Cointreau
Perfection Attitude

Copywriting for Remy Cointreau's internal global magazine highlighting the UK team's successes and upcoming events.

The Letter

This piece of creative writing is a bittersweet open letter to London, discussing our relationship to date and hopes for the future.


The Huffington Post
Ghostwriting | A Viewfinder to the Past

Attributed to Matthew Butson Vice President, Hulton Archive at Getty Images, this article discusses the evolution of photography and Getty Images' latest gallery exhibition '1926 Britain through the lens'.

Kantar Worldpanel
Report writing | Brand Footprint 2016

The most comprehensive study of the most chosen FMCG/CPG brands, this report explores how shopping behaviours change under the lenses of geography and socioeconomics.


An Unconventional Rom-Com
Funny Girls finish last.

All dressed up with a cocktail in my hand, I feel like Julia Robert's in Pretty Woman, without the shady career choices and awful taste in men. A guy sidles up to me at the bar. He's cute enough and let's be honest I'm one more drink away from re-enacting the opening scene of Bridget...

An Unconventional Rom-Com
Our one year anniversary

Sadly this is my first love letter, full of unashamedly soppy confessions and nostalgia, only instead of being aimed at my dream man, this letter is for London.

An Unconventional Rom-Com
I want Everything

"I don't want a boyfriend. I just want someone that wants to hang out all the time, and thinks I'm the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me." - Hannah Horvath AKA Lena Dunham When I travel I often feel like I'm at the start of a great novel....

AMDRAM (The Sitcom Pilot)

Amdram is a mockumentary situation comedy set in an amateur dramatics society from the South of England. This pilot was created as part of a student final major project on the Comedy Writing & Performance degree at Southampton Solent University.

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