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Family ID's attacker behind 'potential act of terrorism' in St. Cloud

In a few bloody minutes, a man rampaged through a St. Cloud shopping mall Saturday evening, stabbing 10 people before being fatally shot by an off-duty police officer. The violence is being investigated as terrorism, federal authorities said. None of the victims, mostly men who ranged in age from 15 to 53, was killed in the attack.

Star Tribune
What's in a name? Minnesota schools strive to say students' names correctly

Gayduobah Goyah left Liberia with a name holding the weight of his country, his culture and his family, but time and time again, he heard his Texas college peers butcher it. With each slip of the tongue, they cut at his name until one day Goyah chopped off his first name for his shorter middle name, Sizi.

Star Tribune
Cyberscam that hit Bloomington school workers puts Minn. districts on defensive

It seemed innocent enough: an e-mail requesting tax information for Bloomington Public School employees. But it ended with sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. The Bloomington School District was the latest target for hackers looking to penetrate school district cybersecurity defenses and steal personal information.

Star Tribune
Does Minnesota lead the nation in per-pupil spending? Not anymore

Minnesota has held one consistent spot on a national education ranking in recent years - it's just nowhere near the top or the bottom. Like Goldilocks, the state has not strayed too far from the middle for its annual per pupil spending. A newly released U.S. Census Bureau report listed Minnesota at No.

Miami Herald

Woman files lawsuit after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail at Miami Beach event

The moment Barbara Kaufman took one sip from her cocktail brimming with wisps of icy white smoke, she doubled over in pain. Minutes later, she was being rushed to Mount Sinai Medical Center, landing in intensive care. Kaufman, 61, of Miami Beach, had ingested a cocktail laced with liquid nitrogen while attending a January fundraising event in Miami Beach.

A crash course: Why do so many cars smash into buildings?

The scene looked like an action-movie shoot. An SUV sails off the road and crashes right into Marta Etcheverry's Little Havana house. The fallout: gaping hole, mangled furniture, cascading concrete. But this was no act. Etcheverry's 98-year-old mother, Norma, and her caretaker, were inside the house at 1104 SW 12th Ave.

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