Bashar Ahmedo

Doctor of Dental Surgery, DDS. Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

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Bashar Ahmedo is a dental surgeon in San Diego, California. He is a general dentist, and he specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Bashar Ahmedo has more than 5 years of experience working at the Brite Smile Dental in San Diego. He is currently living in La Jolla area in San Diego, California.
Dr. Bashar Ahmedo has studied and practiced in different parts of the world including Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Dubai.
He has served many patients in San Diego, and he has a clean and professional record as well. He is trusted by many families in the area, and he likes to provide the safe and comfortable environment to all of his patients.
Bashar Ahmedo attended a Dental School at the University of Aleppo in 2002. He also completed his residency in the implant at the University of California, Los Angeles.
He has served in different countries, and he is a member of American Dental Association, United Arab Emirates Dental Association, and Syria Dental Association.
Bashar Ahmedo’s specialty includes cosmetic dentistry, implant, and full mouth rehab. He provides the most affordable dental services in San Diego, California.
He likes to visit different adventurous areas, and he is always like scuba diving, beach volleyball, and surfing and much more.

Why tooth whitening is important and What you can do.

A dentist recently reported that white teeth might not be the same as healthy teeth. The color of the teeth may not have anything to do with the health of your oral cavities. From one perspective that may be true but there is a lot of things that you should consider when talking about the color the teeth.

Bashar Ahmedo
Reasons for Bad breath:

Bad breath can cause you a lot of problems. imagine and just imagine being turned down for having bad breath on a date or during a meetup. Just a small gesture from anyone about your bad breath can ruin your day. All these awkward scenarios can be avoided by just doing simple acts.

Bashar Ahmedo, DDS
Vigilance: an answer to your dental problems

Tooth are considered nonliving by some of us, and we may take our general health very seriously, but when it comes to dental health, we ignore the subject. Tooth are causing trouble all the time, and the reasons may range from simple eating habits or brushing techniques to smoking habits.

Bashar Ahmedo, DDS
Bashar Ahmedo, San Diego

Dr. Bashar Ahmedo is a general dentist who specialized in cosmetic dentistry. He has many years of experience, and he is working as a doctor of dental surgery in San Diego. He lives in La Jolla Area, San Diego, California. He is currently working at Brite Smile Dental for more than five years.

Bashar Ahmedo, DDS | San Diego, California

Dr. Bashar Ahmedo is a general dentist living in La Jolla area, San Diego, California. He specialized in the cosmetic dentistry, and he is a dental surgeon in San Diego. He is currently working at Brite Smile Dental for more than five years now.

Bashar Ahmedo, DDS
Things To Focus On When Taking Care Of Your Teeth

It is always necessary to take good care of your teeth. You must understand that if you are not taking care of your teeth, then it can create multiple problems for you in the long run. It is always necessary for you to go through the things that matter the most.

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