Aymon Spielhagen

Writing and Communications Student

Location icon Australia

I am a current Writing and Communications Student at the University of South Australia, Adelaide. I have focused my studies on editing and publishing, media management, and writing both creative and professional pieces.

This portfolio offers some examples of the work I have produced to showcase the skills and abilities I am developing throughout my studies.

Publication and Design Trio

We were required to create a magazine, website and flyer using prewritten content and presenting it appropriately for the various formats.

Spirited Away - text intervention

This is a textual reworking of the Studio Ghibli classic 'Spirited Away' by changing it into a horror movie poster.

Out-of-Home advertising discussion - Dark Heart Exhibition

We were asked to find an out-of-home advertisement and discuss its ability to draw people's attention. We were also asked to present our essay in a way that reflected the advertisement or the product. I attempted to create a brochure style booklet that mimicked an art gallery program.

Academic Poster

An academic poster discussing community engagement and renewal of public spaces within the Adelaide CBD. I was one of three students recognised after the event by staff at my university and asked if they could keep my poster as an example to show future students.