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DCU's Student Newspaper
Seanad election sees no change to voting system

The elitist voting system remains as the Seanad elections takes place this month, despite years of promises to reform the upper house. Currently only graduates from TCD and the National University Ireland (NUI) constituency can vote for the six university panel seats. The NUI constituency is made up of NUI Galway; NUI Maynooth; UCD and...

Dublin People
Dublin People - Local radio station providing vital service

Tuesday, 5th April, 2016 7:00pm Mary Napier presents a series called ‘This Ability Counts’ on Dublin South FM. PHOTOS: DARREN KINSELLA Mary Napier presents a series called ‘This Ability Counts’ on Dublin South FM. PHOTOS: DARREN KINSELLA View More Images T HE story of how South Dublin FM came to be has more plot twists and drama than a thriller novel.

DCU's Student Newspaper
Trinity not always a shining beacon for liberalism

"I feel betrayed by Trinity. They have abandoned me in many ways," says 21 year old Ibn Qalleb. As you could assume by the name, Ibn is Arabic. But he feels betrayed for reasons you might not expect: he is an ex-Muslim, or an 'apostate'. A minority within a minority.

Journo Junkie
Dublin prays for Paris- my College View article

Six thousand people gathered in Dublin on Saturday to mourn the 129 Parisians killed in terrorist attacks. Attendees expressed shock and were lost for words after Friday's events. ISIS claim their militants are responsible for the attack in which suicide bombers targeted a French Stadium and shooters opened fire during a concert, killing 129 people...

DCU's Student Newspaper
Thousands march to demand abortion reform

Thousands of people marched through Dublin on Saturday in the fourth March for Choice, hoping to incense politicians to repeal the 8th Amendment. Trade unions, activist groups and citizens marched to Merrion Square in the largest pro-choice march yet, with some Gardaí estimating a turnout of 10,000.

DCU's Student Newspaper
Joan Burton heckled in Glasnevin

Joan Burton was heckled by protesters last week as she opened a new food bank in Glasnevin. "We were there to remind her that we're supposed to be in a recovery", said Bernie Hughes, a prominent anti-water charges protester. Approximately 25 protesters were met by two riot vans of Gardai.