August Thompson


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NYU Grad with swiss army knife-like writing skills. Copywriter, content manager, teacher, critic, fiction writer.

Komar Apparel
Komar: A Corporate History

A sample of the book-length history of the Komar corporation--researched, written and organized over the course of a year. Hired as a content manager, I was given the assignment of interviewing over 80 top-level employees, including multiple sit downs with the CEO Charlie Komar and many of NYC's high-end bankers and lawyers, to get an idea of the corporation's spirit, history and narrative. Using what I learned of the brand's voice, I turned over 1000 pages of transcriptions and...

Essential Homme
Product Copy Sample

Clips from my work with Essential Homme Magazine. Each month, I am asked to transmute press releases into descriptive, engaging copy and headlines for upscale apparel and goods, from shoes to books to outerwear and everything in between.

Pepsi Next
Pepsi Next Pitch Sample

A sample pitch, written and constructed with PR Brown of Bauda Design. This collaboration was based around a series of pitches set in a palette of movie-influenced commercials. Using a cinematic approach to storytelling, my concept and his visual work coupled to create a layered pitch that ranged through humorous takes on sci-fi and horror.

Kind Causes
Kind Causes Script Sample

A sample script for KIND CAUSES commercial, created while working with Bauda Design. Director PR Brown was presented with an outlined concept by the team at KIND and asked me to integrate their detailed branding guide with his vision and directorial approach over a couple of commercial scripts. This was a fun challenge both because of the charitable aims of KIND CARES and because I was working within a very tight set of boundaries.

The Sound & The Fury: Squarepusher Live in NY

New York - In preparation for Squarepusher's show that evening, the staff at downtown New York venue Le Poisson Rouge had posted a sign: "PLEASE BE ADVISED: HEAVY STROBE LIGHTING WILL BE USED DURING TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCE." Normally these types of cautions, seen at amusement parks or near the concession stand at screenings of "Avatar," are...

seen heard known
THE BOTS - seen heard known

A feature I wrote for the NYC-based zine Seen Heard Known. Tasked with sitting down with the raucous duo that is The Bots, our interview transformed into a three hour, chop-busting, record-swapping hangout and birthed this article. During my freelancing career, I've written for a few magazines of varying genres and styles and have handled interviews with acts gigantic and small.

Listen: The Blow streams first LP in seven years

A typical representation of the many articles I wrote while working as a staff writer for the international publication Inthemix. I was asked to write and promote upwards of 5 articles per day, ranging from record reviews to news bits to concert coverage.

August Thompson
"Kidders" Fiction Sample

A brief sample of a short story I am working on. During my tenure at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I created a major that focalized on "Why We Write." The major was composed of creative writing, literature and cinema studies. During this time, I wrote dozens of stories, first person essays and pieces of critical analysis and graduated with high honors. I was fortunate to work with esteemed writers like Darin Strauss, Chris Bram, Lara Vapnyar and Amanda Petrusich at the...