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Audrey Williams

Multimedia Journalist, Editor, Copywriter

Audrey Williams is a multimedia journalist, editor, copywriter, and all-around content creator with 5+ years experience. Her most recent work centers around creating all forms of branded content for brands, from ideation to creation. Her portfolio ranges from traditional hard news stories and features to branded content and video production. Always evolving to the needs of modern storytelling, she is ready for her next challenge.


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4 Women On How They Balance Work, Self-Care, And Confidence

In her experience, some underwear brands don't always fit, but instead of turning to boring, oversized styles, she prefers something like the classic Calvin Klein set. "Sometimes underwear cuts in at a weird place or makes me feel bloated, she says. "But these rise at a nice place and really make me feel confident."

The Zoe Report - In Partnership With StockX
This Is Where To Find Fashion’s Most Coveted It Bags — Even After They’ve Sold Out

There’s a kind of regretful longing reserved for the moment you see a handbag you’ve been lusting after on the arms of another. Whether it’s because your dream Chloé Faye shoulder bag sold out before you could add it to your collection or because you could never quite bring yourself to pay the full price for the now-iconic Chanel Boy Bag, we’ve all found ourselves stuck in that moment.

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The 4 Wear-Everywhere Looks That'll Bring Out Your Inner Personal Stylist

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything we have to do. From early morning yoga to after-hours meet-ups with friends you haven't seen in ages, it can be a lot. And even though we're not complaining - after all, getting...

Bustle - In Partnership With Walmart
Our Favorite Spring Fashion Finds Under $50

If you're like me, you can't help but feel the need to refresh some part of your life when spring rolls around. It's like clockwork. The first warm day after winter's chill departs always inspires me to get a new hairstyle ( maybe this is the year I'll try bangs?), start a new class (pottery is calling my name!), and of course, stock my wardrobe with spring's latest fashion finds.

Bustle - In Partnership With Beautycon
5 Things You Need To Know About The First-Ever BeautyCon POP

In just five years, Beautycon festivals have spread from Los Angeles to New York to London, bringing out celebrities, beauty gurus, and beauty enthusiasts in the many thousands. Beautycon has earned its position as the authority in beauty culture, filling a white space in the industry for niche and underrepresented audiences.

The Zoe Report - In Partnership With Sakara
This 10-Day Detox Will Give You The Energy Boost You Need Right Now

Swapping out your summer "It Bag" for fall's trending mini-purse or carryall tote is so second-nature that no one thinks twice when you do it. The small switch refreshes your entire wardrobe, and wellness trends can work the same way. After all, how you take care of your body is just as important as what you dress it in. It only makes sense to consider a fall detox that refreshes, resets, and re-energizes you, and Sakara, known for their fresh and locally sourced organic nutrition program,...

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This Moisturizer is Like A Glass of Water for Your Skin

You don't need us to tell you that water is important for you; you've heard it all before. Yes, our bodies are made up of mostly water, and yes, you should be drinking eight glasses per day, but, have you ever considered what water can do for your skin? Not just drinking water, either. Applying it.

This Line Could Save Your Dry, Heat-Damaged Hair

We're all just a little obsessed with our heat tools. How else would we be able to achieve va-va-voom curls one day and sleek, straight hair the next? Of course, there are downsides of heat styling: weakened strands, split ends, breakage, and yes, dry, fried hair.

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9 Expert Makeup Picks For Highlighting Brown Eyes

I have brown eyes, and though they are the most common eye color on the planet, I'd like to think they make me seem sultry, moody, and mysterious - three things I am not. To aide in that illusion, I sought out the best makeup products for brown eyes,...

7 Things That Benefit Your Skin In Your 20s

I am a woman in my mid-20s. I honestly don't know when that happened, but the fact still remains. With this realization has come one other: I need to start taking care of my health and my skin. But what are the best skin products to start using in your twenties?

Home & Lifestyle Articles for TheNest.Com | XO Group Lifestyle Site
A Southerner's Colorful Home in Chelsea

From South Carolina to the city, Melissa finally has a place all her own. After spending 11 years in New York, from a place in the East Village to a brownstone in Chelsea, Melissa has settled into her space with bright colors and a collection of art that makes her feel right at home in the heart of the city.
An Airy Duplex in the West Village

When the designers of Lucy Harris Studio arrived at this West Village duplex, they were starting from scratch and given free reign to turn this streamlined space into a fresh, timeless place for their clients to call home. With no furnishings from the previous apartment to hold them back (the clients got rid of everything!), they started.
An Updated Industrial Apartment in Williamsburg

This couple kept true to their 1930's apartment without sacrificing unique style It was love at first sight for Beck and Lainey Sloman when they found this Williamsburg-set industrial apartment, part of an old foundry built in 1930. With designer Adam Bierton of Bierton Creation Inc.

Hard Crime & Local News | New York Post

New York Post
'Nobody helped me': Victim in subway bloodbath speaks out

When the knife plunged into Efrain Guaman's gut, he was consumed by pain - and felt abandoned by his fellow straphangers. "Nobody helped me," Guaman, 30, told The Post. The Queens man was left clinging to life Friday after a thug on the N train in Brooklyn plunged a blade into his stomach and snatched his iPhone .

Page Six
Kesha fans protest at wrong Sony offices for over an hour

Kesha fans protesting against Sony on Friday were forced to march a mile-and-a-half down Madison Avenue when they realized they were demonstrating in front of the wrong building. The glitter-covered crowd had originally gathered outside the company's old headquarters in Midtown as they urged execs to release the pop star from her controversial contract with a producer known as Dr. Luke.

New York Post
Runners race up One World Trade for charity

They took the long way up -- for a good cause. About 1,000 people raced to the top of the World Trade Center on Sunday morning to pay tribute to the first responders who put their lives on the line Sept. 11, 2001.

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