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B.A. Journalism & Political Science (International Relations - Comparative Politics) from the University of Central Florida.

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Meet The 11-Year-Old Who Gave A Vegan Ted Talk-And Other Young Changemakers

" I'm only a child, yet I know we are all part of a family-five billion strong; in fact, 30 million species strong-and borders and governments will never change that. I'm only a child, yet I know we are all in this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal."

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4 Unexpected Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine Like an Earth Goddess

Whether you are team natural or a makeup extraordinaire, it's quite possible you have already carefully crafted your very own beauty routine. From a simple exfoliating scrub to rid your face of dry skin to a relaxing manicure to keep your nails cuticle free, we all just ultimately want to look and feel our best-no harm in that, right?

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10 Natural Bug Repellants That Are Safe For You, Animals & The Planet

Grab your beach hats and your favorite bikini because summer is officially here! Unfortunately, a relaxing day spent poolside isn't all warm weather is known for-an influx of pesky, unwanted pests is another. That's right, it's also officially bug season.

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Maximize Your Budget & Help The Planet With These 6 Ways To Nix Food Waste

For some, food waste seems inevitable. Moldy bread, uneaten leftovers, a new recipe gone horribly wrong-that's what garbage cans are for, right? It may be easy to just toss out that brown head of lettuce or the remnants of a satisfying meal, but what effect does this have on the environment?

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Soothe Your Aches & Pains With These 5 Lovely DIY Herbal Remedies

At some point in time, we have all experienced various forms of pain. You know, the aftermath of staying poolside in the sun too long or those debilitating cramps that leave you bedridden-stuck in the fetal position. Yes, those pains.