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Aubrey Norwood

Creative Content Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Aubrey. I'm a young creative from Manchester and I primarily focus on freelance writing. I hold a BA in English Language and have experience in ghostwriting, e-zine publication, web copy and more. Let's make something together!

Why 2019 Will Be the Year of the Cassette - Aubrey Norwood - Medium

You might not have realised it yet, but the popularity of cassettes tapes is on the rise. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the obsolete audio format was gone for good, but over the past few years that little nostalgic rectangle has caught the imagination of an entirely new generation.

Older People are Kind of Obsessed with Plastic, and it's a Problem.

This might be conjecture, I don't know. This could be a purely anecdotal opinion, based on my growing cynicism towards our society that stems from the systematic shift in opportunity, environmental sustainability and financial security from when parents were my age. It could be bullshit, essentially.

The Most Problematic Simpsons Moments, Ever! - Aubrey Norwood - Medium

Content Warning: this article discusses things regarding racism, violence, transphobia, sexism and sexual assault. Scroll down to skip to the list I love the Simpsons. Even after years of watching the same episodes over and over, memorising an infinite number of lines of dialogue, and inevitably referencing the most tenuous and obscure Simpsons moments in real life, I still watch it regularly.

All the Dogs in Dog Town - Snipette - Medium

Poem "It's really not hard, just look at my card,It's my businessdog spy gua-ran-tee!" Have something to say? At Snipette, we encourage questions, comments, corrections and clarifications - even if they are something that can be easily Googled! You can also sign up for our weekly email updates . "Bah!