Aubrey McKee

Communications Student

Location icon United States

In a space with a billion voices declaring a million different perspectives, I believe the key to communicating well is to listen. To listen with the intent to understand, not to respond. This skill seems simple, but my experience as a communicator in a variety of fields indicates that this is not the case. My background in a private public relations firm, state government, nonprofits, and social media has shown me a variety of perspectives. I have dealt with politicians and social service advocates alike, which has equipped me with a unique set of tools to listen to and understand a variety of voices and communicate effectively. I hope to continue to grow both the breadth and depth of my knowledge to give my voice weight in this field, but also clearly hear others’ voices through all the noise.

The Ohio State University class assignment
SWOT Analysis: Brassica

I created this SWOT analysis analyzing a local Columbus eatery, Brassica, for a class assignment.

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