Kateryna Quinn

Marketing Manager

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At aStash we provide affordable web design & development services. Our design team will help you build a custom website that is great looking, responsive and fast loading at the same time. We will use internet marketing strategies to work on your online presence and to make sure your new website is user-friendly and search optimized. We want to help you make sure your small business is succeeding online.
We provide a full range of services: web design, WordPress development, internet marketing, web maintenance, and Amazon web store development. Our services also include PSD to WordPress and theme development. We can create a unique website using the custom WordPress theme to build a user-friendly platform with the design that is right for you. Your website can have a content management system, e-commerce platform, responsive design for mobile website access and more. We also offer maintenance services to make sure your website keeps updated and filled with the new information and your marketing efforts increase your sales and drive traffic. Our company’s purpose is to create a website that meets our demanding standards as well as our customers' high expectations. It is our goal to deliver the best custom design solutions and WordPress development services in Fort Collins, CO.

WordPress Maintenance & What You Need To Know | aStash Blog

Are you a happy website owner or maybe your website is still in development? Maybe you are just planning on hiring a company to design your website? It doesn't matter which category you relate to right now, you still need to think about WordPress website support!

SEO Basics for Web Designers | aStash Blog

In this article, I would like to talk about SEO basics for web designers. I won't talk about client promotion, but I think I can to share some basic knowledge about search engine optimization that every web designer should know. The whole article is about my personal experience and nothing else.

Optimal Website Design | aStash

Web design basics are hard but interesting. To design a great website you have to think about all of the website design standards first. In this article, I will talk about what web designers have to know to develop a high-quality website.

Bad, but yours: how to write a really awful CSS | aStash

Today we will talk about how you can make CSS styles awful, by solving the opposite task - learning how to create beautiful and clean CSS. This blog post is suitable mainly for the beginners, although this article can also be useful for their more experienced colleagues.

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