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My name is Ashley Glenn and I am a writer from Baltimore, MD.

Currently, I am a content contributor for NaturallyCurly, a curly hair online community and social platform.

I create quality and engaging content for readers. In addition, I have contributed over 100 published articles for NaturallyCurly.

I am also the founder of Ashley Glenn Blog, a beauty and wellness blog.



5 of the Worst Tips I Learned from YouTube

It happens all of the time. We watch videos from our favorite hair tutorials on YouTube and incorporate those techniques and tips into our hair regimens. Some of those techniques are game changers and will always be a part of your regimen. However, some are not and it can be disappointing.

These 4 Hair Care Methods Don't Work for My Hair

I have learned so much during my natural hair journey, what my curls love and what my curls dislike. I have tried a variety of methods, products, and tools. By journaling and taking photos, I have documented a variety of methods, products, and tools that make my curls thrive, and here are four methods that seem to work for everyone's regimen but mine.

How I Prevent Tangles

Detangling is my least favorite activity during wash day. Depending on how tangled my curls are, it can take from 10-20 minutes! It is all based on how I care for my hair throughout the week. At first, I never realized how your practices could play a role in the amount of tangles your curls receive.

I Had Shedding & Breakage Until I Made These 3 Changes

Last year, I was observing some changes with my hair. I noticed the amount of shed hair was more than normal when I would detangle. At that moment, I ignored the shedding and thought it was related to the cold weather we were experiencing during the winter months.

Why I Used to Hate My Shrinkage

Shrinkage can be frustrating when you pull a curl down just to see it snap back up. Shrinkage can hide the true length of your hair. Some curlies experience more shrinkage than others. The curly girl magic trick can be frustrating for some and can take time to fully accept and embrace.

Dear Big Chopper: 4 Tips to Get You Through It

First, I would like to congratulate you for doing the big chop. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to accept the natural hair that you were born with. I am sure that you have heard mixed reviews about your decision. You have those that absolutely love your haircut and think it is fabulous!

Ashley Glenn Blog

Ashley Glenn Blog
Consistency is Key

Have you attempted to implement a new change in your life and you were not successful? Did you look back to see what you could have done differently to be more successful with that change? I have experienced this plenty of times and it is okay!

Ashley Glenn Blog
Goal Digger

I have always been a goal orientated individual. However, I would always mentally set my goals. Now that I am older and my schedule is busier, I realized that I needed to become more organized when it came to goal setting.

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