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How to Virtually Interview and Hire Guide | | HiringThing

0 0 With more companies providing remote work flexibility in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to practice social distancing and virtually interview and hire new employees is becoming increasingly important. In this short guide, learn how you can best leverage virtual recruiting tools with an applicant tracking system (ATS) that will have you hiring remotely with ease.

How to Navigate the Job Market During a Pandemic | | HiringThing

0 0 COVID-19 continues to spread and cities and states are increasingly mandating isolation measures in an attempt to avoid overloading hospitals. Schools are closing, restaurants are open only for delivery or take-out, and large gatherings are banned.

Stellaractive Web Design
Performing a Social Media Audit - Stellaractive Web Design

What is a social media audit? The concept is simple. A social media audit is an evaluation of what you're doing with metrics to determine if it's effective or not. Once you compile some key info, you'll be left with a clear strategy for moving forward.

Customized Recruiting Software Changes How You Hire | | HiringThing

0 0 There are many benefits of a customized applicant tracking system (ATS). While off-the-shelf solutions might seem like an efficient option, they don't take into account your recruitment needs. Instead, consider a customized ATS that reduces the time it takes to find qualified candidates.

How to Manage Childcare & Remote Work During the Holidays | | HiringThing

0 0 The holidays are almost here. While many people feel excitement, parents who work remotely have an additional worry: what to do with the kids while they work. Remote jobs, offering inherent flexibility and the option to work from anywhere, appeal to many types of employees.

AIC Loans
Renovations That Increase a Property's Value | AIC Loans

As an investor flipping a home, renovations are undoubtedly top-of-mind. If you've purchased a run-down home - perhaps following that old adage of buying the worst house on the best street - then you probably have a long wish list of improvements you'd like to make.

Benefits of a REME HALO Indoor Air Purifier

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a serious issue that can affect your family's health and comfort. From mold to gases, a variety of substances can be present in the air within your home. If you're concerned about your IAQ, consider installing the REME HALO™ in your home to purify the air you're breathing.

DataSafe Inc.
About the California Consumer Privacy Act - DataSafe Inc.

If your business handles customer data, you're probably aware of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was signed into law in 2018 and goes into effect in January 2020. The CCPA intends to provide consumers with greater privacy and control over how their personal information is used by companies.

Stellaractive Web Design
How Important Is Website Speed? - Stellaractive Web Design

If you search the term 'website speed', what kind of results do you get? Likely, you'll see a plethora of tools that can test your site's speed along with articles issuing dire warnings about how users need your site to load in 3 seconds - even a second more and Google will tank your rankings...

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