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I am a December 2016 graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Specialization in Musical Theatre.


Castle Party Blog

Castle Party Blog
Children's Activities: Family Fun at Disney Resorts

Trips to Walt Disney World are often jam-packed with tons of plans and park time, but all that walking around in the heavy heat can be absolutely exhausting. That's why my family has always left at least one day free to spend at whichever resort we happen to be staying at.

The Odyssey Online

5 Perks To Take Advantage Of On Your Disney College Program

So, you're officially a Disney College Program participant. You've packed up your life, said "goodbye" to your friends from home and school, and have made the journey to sunny Orlando. You've got the next several months stretching in front of you, so the question is: how do you fill your time?

Rediscovering My Love Of Service

One of my biggest joys in life has always been making other people happy. There is nothing I love more than to see someone else smiling because of something I did, even if it was as simple as singing him a little song or telling her a cheesy joke.

Prove Them Wrong

As I'm sure most of you did, I tuned into the Disney Channel Original Movie marathon last weekend, and while watching a few of my favorites, I started to notice a trend.

Ashleigh Does Disney

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