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Artan Ljukovic

Journalism Major at Baruch College

Location icon United States of America

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Beyoncé is not racist or anti-white

Beyoncé is receiving backlash after she released her pro-Black anthem, "Formation," and paid tribute to the Black Panthers during her appearance in the Super Bowl halftime show, which was headlined by Coldplay. Many have drawn comparisons between Beyoncé and the anti-black extremist group Ku Kux Klan, saying that her views are anti-white.

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Ten microaggressions against homosexual men

From "that's so gay" to "no homo," being a gay male in this society will get you a variety of catchphrases thrown at you. Originally, the term microaggression was limited to the unintentional insults by white people towards black people, like, "You're pretty for a black girl," however, over time, the term has become used to describe any unintentional insult towards any minority.

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Top 7 Super Bowl Performances of All Time

Every February, iconic artists perform at the Super Bowl, a concert so epic, that the NFL's two best teams compete for a championship before and after the concert - at least, that's what hardcore fans think.

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Rihanna 'Anti' Review: Rihanna minus the hits

A mix of rock, hip-hop, and trap with traces of dancehall, 'Anti' is Rihanna's first album in over three years, and is her most experimental effort thus far, but also rather boring for those listeners expecting "hits."

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Review Fix Exclusive Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: Dead Ringer Review: 80s-Drenched Nostalga

Directed by New York natives Michael Tucker, Alex Kliment and Dana O'Keefe, "Dead Ringer" is a fantastically conceptualized, chilling and nostalgic documentary that focuses on the elimination of New York City phone booths. The monologue-driven short is so great that if Shakespeare grew up in The Big Apple in the late-70s, mid-80s, he would've written [...]

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I Prevail Gramarcy Theater Concert Review: Stellar

I Prevail, a post-hardcore band from Detroit, made a quick stop in New York City during their "Strike The Match Tour 2016" and brought Gramercy Theatre's roof down on August 2, on their path to promote their upcoming debut album, "Lifelines," which is set for an October release.

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