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How to Explore Zhongli, Taiwan, a Hidden Foodie Paradise - The Town Dish

Taiwan is a hidden gem in Asia with a vibrant modern culture and great natural beauty. The tropical island is a melting pot that has been influenced by cultures from all over Asia. Yet the people of Taiwan have a distinct national identity and are extremely friendly, kind and polite.

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Pret-A-Matcha: The Travel-Ready Matcha Bottle - The Town Dish

If you have been to a coffee shop lately, you might have noticed that matcha green tea is becoming very popular in the United States. Although some people might only be familiar with Starbucks' matcha green tea latte, many are drinking matcha prepared via the traditional technique.

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A Visit to Lansdale's Boardroom Spirits - The Town Dish

When Round Guys Brewing Company opened, Lansdale became a destination for beer lovers from all over the area. Now Lansdale will be a destination for liquor lovers as well. Boardroom Spirits started production in November 2015 and has been creating amazing spirits since. Boardroom focuses on high-quality, precision-made spirits and innovative products.

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A Look Inside the Craft Beer Store in Springfield - The Town Dish

Springfield finally has its own craft beer bottle shop. This past March, Chuck and Craig Torosian opened the Craft Beer Store on Baltimore Pike in the heart of Springfield. Since opening, the Craft Beer Store has been one of the area's best places to find craft beer.

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Demystifying the Exclusive Westvleteren 12 - The Town Dish

I recently had the pleasure of obtaining a bottle of Westvleteren 12 Belgian Trappist quadrupel. Throughout my time nerding out in the local beer scene, I had never come across this rare and highly sought-after brew. I've heard plenty about how amazing the beer is and, of course, how rare it is, but never got ...

Cider Culture
Cider Maker Q&A: Curtis Sherrer of Millstone American Farmhouse Cidery - Cider Culture

Standing tall at the forefront of the rustic cider movement is Millstone American Farmhouse Cidery. From its home in a historic gristmill in Monkton, Maryland, Millstone has developed an array of rustic ciders, cysers and meads using top-quality ingredients and exacting techniques. I recently had the chance to speak with Curtis Sherrer, co-founder and cider...

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Tasting Through New Liberty Distillery's Spirited Repertoire - The Town Dish

In Part 1 of my New Liberty adventure, I took you through a behind-the-scenes tour of this up-and-coming Philadelphia distillery located in the Old Kensington neighborhood. At the end of the tour I enjoyed a full tasting experience that encompassed New Liberty's vodka and whiskeys as well as its revived Kinsey brand of signature blended ...

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Behind-the-Scenes Tour at Philadelphia's New Liberty Distillery - The Town Dish

I started off 2016 with a New Year's resolution that was a little different from years past. I decided this year that I needed to try more locally made hand-crafted spirits. My recent trip to New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia's Old Kensington neighborhood inspired this New Year's resolution.

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Featured Cider Makers: Cider Maker Q&A: Kurant Hand Crafted Ciders - The Town Dish

Kurant Ciders is one of the most exciting new local cider makers around. They've gained a following by creating amazing dry traditional hand crafted ciders. I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Joe Getz and Mike Meyers, founders of Kurant Ciders. I grabbed a pint of cider with them at Round Guys Brewery ...

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Travel Through Beer History with Fegley's Arctic Alchemy - The Town Dish

Breweries establishing utilizing the newest ingredients and innovative techniques are dominating the craft-brewing scene. Brewers are always striving to create something new, something that has never been done before. But, sometimes taking a step back and looking at the history of brewing is much more exciting.

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Eat Here Now: Engine 23 in Morton

I am a huge fan of quality barbecue, especially a great pulled pork sandwich. But, then again, I know most of you are. When done right, it's hard to turn down a heaping portion of meat that just fell off the bone.

7 Elf-Themed Winter Beers You Should Be Drinking

Every winter, bottle shops and beer distributors get bombarded with festive holiday-themed beers. In most cases, these beers are more malty, sweet and high in alcohol to keep you warm and cheery during these cold months. Often these beers are named after holiday characters such as Santa, Rudolph, gingerbread men or Old Fezziwig.

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Why You Need to Eat Breakfast at Kettle

I am not usually one to go out to eat breakfast, mostly because I don't normally wake up on the weekends until eleven or twelve o'clock, but I recently went out to grab an early morning bite with my brother Tofer.

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Brew Review: Weyerbacher Ales for ALS IPA

What if I told you that you can help find a cure for ALS by drinking beer instead of dumping a bucket of ice water on your head? I recently did my part by drinking a couple pints of Weyerbacher's new Ales for ALS IPA, which donates $1 per pint to ALS research.

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Brew Review: Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Nineteen Anniversary Beer

The month of July is always full of birthdays for me. Between my mom, both my brothers and my friends, I spend much of my month shopping for gifts. Luckily, there is one birthday that I actually receive gifts from, and that birthday belongs to Weyerbacher Brewing Company.

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7 Amazing Hard Ciders You Need to Try

Lately I am drawn to the exciting array of craft hard ciders. While exploring this new world of hard cider, I've discovered some really amazing ciders and am here to share my favorites with you. As the U.S. market share for hard cider grows, providers are creating limited series with unique ingredients to set themselves apart from their competitors.

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How To Grow Your Own Hops

Two years ago, I decided to take my passion for homebrewing a step further by growing my own hops. This was the ultimate collision of my love for brewing beer, my fascination with horticulture and my locavore attitude. What's more local than brewing a beer with hops grown in your own backyard?