Ari Moon

Graduate Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a graduate in English Literature and Creative Writing. My areas of expertise include creating innovative narratives, characters, and worlds. I am meticulous in my word choices, I approach every project as if it is the pinnacle of my work, and I make the best chocolate chip cookies.
All enquiries: [email protected]

© 2017
First Love

A short story concerning loss, with a focus on perspective and creating atmosphere.

© 2018

Short prose exploring mortality and exhibiting an understanding of thematic language.

© 2017

A screenplay for a short film to showcase dialogue proficiency.

© 2018
Atlaea Handbook preview

A brief sample of a 220 page D&D Player's Handbook with all-new content that I wrote and compiled. Demonstrates dedication and attention to detail for projects of any calibre.

© 2017

Short fiction with themes of time and memory to display non-linear narratives.

© 2018
Ao Shun

Poetry written with the aim of experimenting with irregular stanzas and unusual metric schemes.