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Freelance journalist with a passion for music and social justice. Currently pursuing a Bachelors in Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Scarface Drops His New Album Deeply Rooted | F4L

Scarface is resurrected after his seven year hiatus from spitting bars with Deeply Rooted, an album that gets as deep as its name suggests. The Houston rapper announced the release via his own record label Friday on his Facebook. Scarface is known for his lyricism and expressive content- this album will definitely satisfy his fans after his long absence.

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Kimbra Strikes Gold with new music video for "Goldmine"

Kimbra brings her lyrics to life with stunning visuals in her new music video for "Goldmine" using plenty of, you guessed it, gold. This video comes almost a year after the song's release on her 2014 album, The Golden Echo.

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Headdresses Banned at Osheaga and Edmonton Music Festivals

The Osheaga Festival and the Edmonton Folk Festival have become the newest additions to a short list of festivals rightfully banning Native American headdresses. The two festivals have taken a step in the right direction by stemming the all too prevalent cultural appropriation of war bonnets in the music festival scene.

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