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Arianna Meschia

Travel Writer

Location icon Ethiopia

Linguist in Italy, Production Manager in London, Social Worker in Malawi.
Travel Writer & Photographer Everywhere.
All pictures are my own.



Tourism Guide Africa
Stone Town, Zanzibar: a Crossroad of Cultures

Two things spring to mind immediately when hearing the word Zanzibar: coffee and spices. And there is no better place to experience a blend of these than the Zanzibar Coffee House.

Let Them Talk, Such Is Life - Medium
SEE Malawi: Your Next Holiday Sorted

The problem with Malawi is that it’s too beautiful — and there are too many things to do and places to explore. One might feel daunted and risk sticking to some place or other without knowing what they might be missing out.

Tourism Guide Africa
Experiences at Kilifi New Year Festival

Festival culture has been taking the “developing” world up in a storm for a few years now, and it poses an interesting moral question.

Let Them Talk, Such Is Life - Medium
Some Kind of Heaven, vol. I

At the end of my volunteering experience at Chimbota school, I decided to brave the indomitable waters of Lake Malawi and boarded the Ilala ferry heading northward to Rwarwe and Usisya.

Human Interest Stories

Let Them Talk, Such Is Life - Medium
A Story For A Mug

I can’t imagine what time must feel like for a 107 year old man, who has lived through colonialism, fought for the independence of his country, built a railway in foreign lands and has over fifty great-grandchildren.

Let Them Talk, Such Is Life - Medium
The Women of Nkhata Bay - Mary

The more I meet people and hear stories, the more astonished I am at the sheer will power and strength of the women in this country.

Let Them Talk, Such Is Life - Medium
When Michael Met Bob

I first heard Michael Mountain play at Mayoka Village, Nkhata Bay, Malawi, in January 2018. Little did I know we’d become good friends and I’d end up staying at his place, experiencing exquisite hospitality from him and his wife Beatrice

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