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Why You Must Get to Know MAVCOM | GoBear Malaysia

Travel insurance is a necessity when you travel, but don't forget that MAVCOM also plays a pivotal part in all air travellers coming in and out of Malaysia. This is what you need to know.

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8 Popular E-Wallets Trending in Malaysia Right Now

Fintech developments have revolutionised payment systems in Malaysia - and at an immense speed too! While most of us still love cold, hard cash, knowing that you can go cashless at your favourite shops is a heavensent convenience! In fact, if you need to pay utility bills or want to send some moolah to a friend, e-wallet apps now have you covered.

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How to Make a Motor Personal Accident Insurance Claim

Car accidents can happen, even to the most careful driver. Along with your car - which you have car insurance for - there are ways to protect your life as well as those riding with you, in the form of a Motor Personal Accident cover, also known as Drivers and Passengers Personal Accident (DPPA).

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3 Comprehensive and Affordable E-Medic Cards to Consider Today

When you're young and just embarked on a blooming career - or love life - health insurance might be the least of your priorities. However, owing to a rise in the cost of medical care in Malaysia, securing a health insurance plan should be one of your priorities. Why so?

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First Time Getting Travel Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know © LetsGoHoliday.my

Are you travelling soon? No matter how much you prepare for your trip, some things don't always go according to plan. If you want to achieve a smooth, headache-free holiday (and who doesn't?), travel insurance is the key. While you have your consumer rights from the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC), there are travel inconveniences that are not normally covered.