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Material Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering | Professor Wei Combines Her Two Passions in the Study of...

Some may view medicine and materials science as two distinct fields, but to Professor Wei they are closely related in her area of research, biomaterials. With an interest in the medical field and engineering, Wei found a way to implement both in her current career, while following the footsteps of her parents, who are both professors in materials science and engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering | Alumnus Kai Song Explores the "Unseen World" at Apple

From UConn MSE graduate to Apple employee, alumnus Kai Song has come very far since his time at the University of Connecticut. As a senior hardware engineer at Apple, Kai's current work focuses on microstructural analysis. Their team performs analysis and routine monitoring of engineering processes and procedures in support of Apple production and research and development.

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9 Essential Lessons Your First Job Teaches You

I never imagined at 19 years old I would have my first job. I always figured as soon as I turned 16 years old I would immediately have a job. However, my early teen years were hectic and not the...

6 Safety Elements to Add to Your Apartment

Unfortunately, in our often hectic lives, we tend to neglect our own safety as a priority. With the constant hustle and bustle of a busy week, all we want to do is kick up our feet and relax within the confines of our own apartment. However, feeling completely at ease requires us to feel safe in our own living space.

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Brands Celebrating Women During Women's History Month

We all know March to be popular for occasions such as Saint Patrick's Day and March Madness, but we cannot forget that march is also women's history month. It is a month designated to celebrate women who have exemplified leadership and strength.

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